Queen Letizia’s weight loss plan: The workout routine the Spanish royal is ‘hooked on’

Queen Letizia of Spain sports summer dress for royal visit

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Queen Letizia is one of the most elegant European royals, admired for her impeccable style and slim figure. But how does the Queen of Spain manage to keep fit at 48?

Queen Letizia is reportedly a gym shark and likes to work out every day.

Sources from the Spanish royal house said she spends a few hours a day training.

But what routine does she follow to get a toned body and keep a slim figure?

Queen Letizia follows a daily routine based on weight exercises and practices Iyengar style yoga.

Her personal trainer, José Ignacio Hernández- Coronado, explained it is easy to get Queen Letizia’s slim figure and toned arms by following the right exercises but some effort is required.

“Strengthening your arms requires effort and patience because the force of gravity is stronger in women than in men,” he explained.

According to the trainer, she spends three days a week working on her biceps and triceps.

A former worker of the Zarzuela Palace, the permanent residence of the Spanish royals, revealed: “She is extra disciplined with her sports routines.

“She is an early riser, gets up around 7am and usually takes advantage of that first hour to do some running through the Zarzuela gardens.

“The queen has a personal trainer who comes to the property almost daily.

“She trains in the family’s private gym, different from the one the others have.

“She does weight sessions and cardio exercises to tone up, and has tried boxing.

“But she is hooked on a modality yoga called Iyengar,” explained the former worker.

Iyengar style yoga differs from the traditional kind in that it places special attention on holding each pose for longer.

This kind of yoga is highly beneficial not only to lose weight but also to reduce anxiety, prevent bloating and toning the body.

Iyengar style yoga is considered one of the most effective to lose weight.

However, there is no weight loss success story without a good diet plan.

Queen Letizia combines her workout routine with a Mediterranean diet and avoids sugar at all costs.

“Proteins (in poultry and fish, in vegetables such as seeds, legumes, soybeans and nuts) are the structural base of muscle and are necessary to produce muscle fibres,” explained Jose Ignacio.

The royal is also a follower of the famous Perricone Diet, which involves eating foods that reduce inflammation and are filled with anti-ageing properties.

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