Pippa Middleton’s favourite exercises to ‘banish bingo-wings’ for a ‘balanced physique’

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Pippa Middleton not only looks great but is also physically very fit. The British socialite has competed in marathons, triathlons and skiing, as well as some more extreme competitions like the gruelling Race Across America challenging. To take part in such activities, Pippa works out regularly and she shared some of her favourite bootcamp-style exercises, including one that she said could “banish bingo-wings”. 

Pippa explained: “The body gets used to any repetitive activity and performs it more efficiently, so results and motivation might dwindle after a period of time. 

“I always find it helpful to change my workout – use the cross trainer instead of running, lift heavier weights, try a new class – every four to eight weeks. 

“It will help keep you out of an exercise rut and give you a balanced physique.” 

She added: “Alternatively, gather a group of friends and learn a new activity.

“It’s quite fun to combine a new regime with learning new skills and improving your coordination. 

“For example, I tried climbing recently at my local climbing centre; it was inexpensive and really helped build my upper strength and agility. 

“Similarly, if you haven’t tried boxing, give it a go – time flies and you get a great full body workout. 

“Other sports to try are outdoor bootcamps like British Military Fitness or indoor spinning and body resistance exercises such as TRX.” 

Full body bootcamp 

“Hit the great outdoors to take your training to the next level,” Pippa said. “Perform four circuits.” 


1. With handles in each hand, keep your elbows as close to your sides as you swing the skipping rope over your head. 

2. Try small, quick jumps and skip continuously for 60 seconds. 

Steps up with knee drive

This exercise tests balance, coordination and lower body strength 

1. With your right foot on a park bench, push through the heel to raise the left leg, driving the left knee up to hip height. 

2. Step off the bench and repeat 20 times on the same leg, then switch legs for another 20 reps. 

Incline push up

This exercise targets the lower part of the chest and works the core 

1. Place your hands on a bench, legs extended behind. 

2. Lower your body until your chest nearly touches the bench, keeping your torso straight. 

3. Push back up and repeat 12-15 times.

Bench dips

This exercise is a great bingo-wing banisher 

1. Sit on the edge of a bench, palms on either side of hips. 

2. Shift your hips off the bench, bend your elbows to 90 degrees and lower your hips. 

3. Straighten your arms, then repeat 12-15 times. 

4. To make it harder, extend your legs out instead of 90 degrees. 

Pippa’s 10-week tone-up is in conjunction with Waitrose magazine.

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