Piers Morgan weight loss: How does the Good Morning Britain host stay in shape?

Piers Morgan is a journalist who will appear on screen tonight on Cristiano Ronaldo meets Piers Morgan. He is also well known for shows including Britain’s Got Talent and Piers Morgan Life Stories. Last year, Piers was challenged to lose weight by Alan Sugar and they competed to see who could lose more weight. How does the presenter stay in shape?

Piers Morgan weight loss: Good Morning Britain host uses exercise to stay in shape

In a recent post on Instagram, the star refuted claims he had lost two stone.

In 2018, Piers was challenged by Alan Sugar to see who could lose more weight, but the broadcaster revealed he had gained two inches around his waist.

However, during the summer he took a break from daytime TV and used social media to show the fitness routine he followed.

Posting on Instagram from California, he shared a snap of an at home exercise bike.

He wrote: “‘There is no magic pill’ – Arnold Schwarzengegger.”

Fans were quick to show their support, one wrote: “Oh my, are we going to see a new Piers return to our telly?!”

Another added: Can’t wait to see the results in September.”

In another post, Piers revealed to fans he had been using a personal trainer while in Los Angeles.

He shared a snap of the tattoo on his trainer’s arm, which read: “Hard things are hard”

In the caption, Piers wrote: “My LA personal trainer puts the hard into hardcore.”

Conservative MP, David Davis, appeared on Good Morning Britain with Piers to explain how he lost nearly two stone. 

After trying different weight loss methods, the politician explained following a low carb diet plan helped his slim down.

He cut high carb foods including potatoes and rice from his diet and said he dropped his carb down to a fifth of what it was.

Masterchef presenter, Gregg Wallace, used exercise and cut down on fatty foods to help him get in shape. 

He explained he tried to make healthy versions of hearty foods by switching to lean meats.

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