Paul Hollywood drops over a stone eating same two meals every day and avoiding one drink

Bake Off: Paul Hollywood calls himself 'Master Baker'

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Paul Hollywood is a much loved English celebrity chef and longtime judge on The Great British Bake Off. He is currently on screens for Paul Hollywood Eats … Mexico. He revealed how he dropped his excess weight during the pandemic.

During the numerous national lockdowns across the pandemic, many took to comfort eating and consequently put on weight.

The world became stagnant as it became the norm to work from home, and exercise was limited to outdoor activities.

The British baker revealed that, like many of us, he gained weight during the first lockdown.

After this, he decided to change his lifestyle and impressively shift one stone.

But how exactly did he do it?

Paul lost “just over” a stone with some prominent diet and lifestyle changes.

He started working out, namely walking and running, in order to burn calories and shed fat.

He also revealed he did a little “tinkering”, suggesting that odd jobs around the house helped him burn calories.

Paul Hollywood is famous for being one of the country’s finest artisan bakers.

From chocolate brownies and lime macarons, to blueberry muffins and gorgeous focaccia bread, he certainly knows how to enjoy food.

But the chef turned presenter and judge had to cut back on all those tasty treats in order to shift the weight.

In order to slim down, Paul stuck to an incredibly simple diet.

He told The Mirror that he would eat a couple of eggs from the farm down the road with homemade toast.

The average egg contains between 55 to 80 calories and approximately six or seven grams of protein.

In the evenings, he would have a bowl of tomato soup and another slice of bread.

This averaged out at 1,100 calories per day.

The celeb chef also knocked drinking on the head and hadn’t touched alcohol in four months as of March 2021.

While this worked for Paul, slimmers should consult a doctor should they want to start a weight loss diet.

Another secret to Paul’s weight loss was drinking two litres of water per day, which works to keep the body full and curb boredom eating.

For those who want to try their hand at running like Paul Hollywood, Runner’s World provides some top tips for safe and enjoyable exercise.

It reads: “Is running good for weight loss? Absolutely – possibly more so than any other exercise, in fact, due to the number of calories it burns.”

The website urges runners to maintain a healthy diet, push themselves without overthinking it, work towards the “runner’s high”, stay hydrated and incorporate strength training into their exercise regimes.

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