Max Verstappen diet: F1 racer shares ‘carefully managed’ diet and ‘two workouts a day’

Max Verstappen 'recharged' ahead of new F1 season

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Max Verstappen revealed his diet and fitness routines to keep up with his “physically demanding” job. The Formula One racer, who was crowned World Champion last year, explained that despite the perks of driving, his lifestyle centres around travel, minimising physical pain and having to stick to a strict diet.

“My diet is carefully managed because body weight is very important in racing, so I always make sure I eat enough because it’s such a physically demanding sport,” he said of his strict eating regime.

“But I’m also careful about what I eat.

“My diet also changes depending on where I race and the weather conditions.

“In humid weather, for example, I burn as many calories as I do on the track,” he told Men’s Health.

He revealed he doesn’t have breakfast, skipping it for a bigger lunch.

“I haven’t been able to eat in the morning since I was little, so I just eat a slightly larger lunch,”he explained.

“I can’t eat and drink everything I want, unfortunately.

“I’m always on the weight limit, 74-75 kilograms. So I have to pay attention.”

And when it comes to training, he explained he needs to ensure he’s prepared for the worst.

“For me, the toughest part of racing physically is the strain on my neck, lower back and the forces you feel when you crash,” he said, after he made headline news last year following a 51G crash on the opening lap of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

The 24-year-old was taken to hospital for “precautionary tests” at the time.

According to NASA, humans can survive a maximum of 30G (gravitation force) for a fraction of a second, with fighter pilots surviving a maximum of 9G while wearing a specialised suit.

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Verstappen miraculously survived 51G and noted that neck strength in this sport is “very important”.

“As drivers we have to be strong, but we can’t be too muscular, otherwise, we would be too heavy for the car,” he said.

But the young racer also knows the impotence of having rest days so as not to overtrain body.

“In the season, the training depends on whether we race or not,” he explained before giving an example.

“Let’s say if we have a week off from racing, I have Monday as a rest day.

“Then Tuesday through Thursday I do one to two workouts a day, depending on how busy we’ve been the weeks before, and take Saturday and Sunday off for recovery.

“We travel a lot and spend a lot of time in the simulator, so I want to train at least three times a week during the season.”

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