Mark Labbett weight loss: How did The Chase star lose a whopping five stone over lockdown?

The Chase: Contestant Kim takes on Mark Labbett

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The Chase star Mark Labbett, 55, this week posted images on social media demonstrating his recent weight loss. He said that he has lost five stone over lockdown.

On February 10, Mark posted before and after photos of himself on his Twitter account.

He wrote: “Very proud of my results following my Muscle Food Goal Getters plan.”

Fans of ‘The Beast’ were quick to congratulate him and share their weight loss progress too, with one commenter writing: “Well done Mark. I put two stone on during lockdown, managed to lose half a stone in a week. It’s amazing what you can when you make small changes!”

Another added: “Good on you Mark. I put on a stone during the first lockdown and managed to lose most of it in the last six weeks. Think I’ll carry on and get down nearer to my ideal weight.”

In the photos, Mark wears the same outfit – a white shirt and black trousers – but in the second picture, his shirt is baggy, and he pulls out the waistband of his trousers to show how big it now is for him.

He posted the same images on his Instagram account, with the caption: “Very proud of my progress since following my @mfgoalgettersuk plan.

“Every week food delivered to my door, it couldn’t be any easier!”

It isn’t clear how much more weight Mark has lost in recent weeks, but last August the Chaser revealed that he had lost five stones over the UK’s first national lockdown.

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Mark credits Muscle Food UK’s Goal Getters meal plan with his weight loss.

In January, he wrote on Instagram: “Leaner, meaner lockdown with good folks of Muscle Foods. At this rate I will be the skinniest Chaser.”

Muscle Food has two different plans that people can choose from: The Super Slimmer and The Lean Machine.

The Super Slimmer is designed for those who want to lose weight, and provides them with a tailored high protein food plan.

The Lean Machine meal plan is for those wanting to tone up, designed to support people’s physical activity by building lean muscle and again providing high protein foods.

Both plans have over 100 meal options and is “designed around you”, according to Muscle Food UK.

The food plans allow people to eat nutritious, calorie balanced foods from £1.92 per mealtime.

Muscle Food Goal Getters prides themselves in allowing dieters to eat all the foods they love while still getting the results they want, writing in a recent Instagram post: “It’s all about calorie consumption and with our nutrition we will make sure you’re on the right amount of calories to help you achieve your goals.”

On the Muscle Food Goal Getters meal plan, Mark eats three meals a day and is allowed up to three snacks a day too.

The meals are high in protein but low in calories, such as potatoes with diced chicken, sweet potato wedges with vegetables, and salmon with rice and broccoli.

Other high protein, low calorie foods dieters can eat at home include white fish (such as cod, haddock and pollock), pork loin, lean beef, lentils, low fat cottage cheese, and plain Greek yoghurt.

Healthline says: “Lean animal and plant protein sources are plentiful. That’s why you don’t have to exceed your daily fat or calorie limits to meet your protein needs.”

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