Lose fat fast with simple breakfast – ‘keeps you feeling fuller’

Dr Michael Mosley's radical new dieting approach

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Dr Michael Mosley is a weight loss guru, and advocates for rapid weight loss as opposed to slow and steady. He has popularised several diets including the Very Fast 800 and the 5:2, culminating in his “way of life” method that helps people keep the weight off.

On Dr Michael’s official website, The Fast 800, the expert told slimmers the best way to start off the day for rapid weight loss.

He instructed them to “start the day with eggs” – boiled, poached, scrambled or in an omelette.

But why are eggs so integral to a fat loss breakfast, according to the doctor?

He explained: “They’ll keep you feeling fuller compared to cereal or toast.”

A medium-sized boiled egg contains about 6.4g of protein and around 66 calories.

Filling up with a high-protein breakfast will curb any desire to reach for unhealthy snacks during the day.

But Dr Michael doesn’t suggest just eating eggs on their own – he suggested serving them with a second source of protein and veggies to create a hearty meal.

He revealed to dieters that eggs are “delicious” when paired with greens and parmesan or smoked salmon and a sprinkle of chilli.

If pairing your eggs with a popular protein, the key is to go for lean ones such as oily fish, turkey or pork.

It is best to eat processed meats “sparingly”, such as bacon, salami or sausages.

One of Dr Michael’s favourite breakfasts is a mushroom omelette, he told Healthista.

He stated: “It’s one of my favourite go-to breakfasts and it’s also great for brunch.”

This means that it will definitely work as a meal for slimmers trying TRE (Time Restricted Eating).

The Fast 800 website states: “TRE allows you to capture the benefits of fasting without restricting the amount of food that you eat.

“Instead of limiting your calories, TRE limits the period during which you eat to 12, 10 or eight hours, including overnight sleep-time.

“This allows the body sufficient ‘down time’ from the work of metabolising food to engage deep-level tissue repair processes, especially the clearance of non-optimal cells, also known as ‘autophagy’.”

Dr Michael told fellow slimmers that he adds Vitamin D-rich mushrooms, nutrient-rich spinach, turmeric and flavour enhancers garlic and chilli flakes.

He also added that chilli flakes “speed up the metabolism a little bit”.

A far cry from a healthy egg-based breakfast, Dr Michael urged dieters to stay away from most breakfast cereals.

This is because the majority of them are “laden with sugar”. If you’re not a fan of eggs, fibrous rolled outs are another nutritious choice.

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