‘Lose 1st in 3 weeks’ Michael Mosley’s ‘effective’ diet plan for ‘safe rapid weight loss’

Weight loss: Dr Michael Mosley on benefits of fasting

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Dr Michael Mosley has added a new diet to his repertoire; The Fast 800 Keto. The weight loss guru’s new diet is different from the usual high fat, low carb ketogenic diet. The expert claims The Fast 800 Keto “builds on the science that provides the foundation for The Very Fast 800 and simply reduces the carbohydrates even further to push your body into more consistent nutritional ketosis”. So how does it work and how much weight can you lose? Dr Michael revealed all and explained how it was a “safe” method for “rapid weight loss”. 

Dr Michael explained: “It’s a classic Keto diet – you’re eating high fat, and that’s not necessarily healthy in the long term. 

“So I’ve produced a Keto diet which is reduced carbs and reduced calories, and this has been clinically tested in Italy and Spain. 

“It [the diet] has been shown to produce an average weight loss of two stone (12-13kg) in around eight weeks, with a waist shrinkage of around 12 centimetres.  

“In long term studies, the weight loss is maintained. 

“So it seems to be a very effective way of doing things,” he added. 

“For people who are not familiar with Keto, you cut the number of carbs in your diet, to around 50g a day that forces your body to form fat and produces these things called ketone bodies which we use as fuel. 

“What research shows, is that when you’re in ketosis, producing lots of ketones bodies then that suppresses the hunger hormone called ghrelin. 

“So that’s one of the reasons why people find it relatively easy to stick to, you don’t have the hunger, you don’t have the cravings. 

“You do that for around eight weeks and then you move onto a Mediterranean style diet, which is kind of healthy long term diet. 

“Good at reducing cravings and preserving muscle mass, which is what we want,” the expert continued. 

For anyone who has found themselves a little heavier following the festive period, Dr Michael has a few tips if they’re looking to get back on track. 

He revealed: “Recognise – stand on the scales, be brave, get the tape measure out, fit it around the waist.

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“I’m a big fan of measuring your waist, when you realise what you need to do, write down your goals then set about doing something about it. 

“I did that as part of my pre-Christmas regime. 

“I lost around 8.8lbs (4kg) in 12 days, shrunk my waist by four centimetres, the Fast 800 Keto diet is very effective for rapid, safe and sustainable weight loss. 

“I would try that! I think most people can do it – it’s not suitable for everyone, but check it out,” he told Sunrise. 

Low carb, Keto burger 

Speaking about the recipe, Dr Michael said: “This keto burger is a great option if you’re looking to lower your intake of carbohydrates and help your body get into ketosis. 

“A standard takeaway burger will leave you feeling unsatisfied and hungry, being packed with refined carbs and trans fat. 

“However, our burger will give you long-lasting energy, help you burn fat and lose weight for better health.” 

The recipe serves one and there are 480 calories per serving. 

It takes 20 minutes to prepare and 30 minutes to cook. 


One tbsp unsalted butter melted

One large egg

One tbsp milk

One tbsp almond flour

One tbsp coconut flour

1/8 tsp baking powder

Poppy seeds, optional

100g lean beef mince

A quarter of a tsp garlic powder

Half a tsp dried oregano

20g cheddar cheese, sliced

A quarter of a baby cos lettuce leaves separated

A quarter of tomato, sliced

One tsp whole egg mayonnaise 

One tsp dijon mustard


1. Preheat the oven to fan 160°C/180°C/350°F/Gas mark four.

2. In a bowl, combine the butter, egg, milk, almond and coconut flour and baking powder. Stir with a whisk until thoroughly combined and smooth.

3. Lightly grease a 12cm/4inch circular ramekin/s. Pour batter into a ramekin/s. Smooth the surface. 

4. Bake for 15-20 minutes, or until the surface of the bread springs back when touched rather than sinking in. Let the bread cool slightly. 

5. While the bun/s are baking, make your burger patties: mix the beef mince with oregano, garlic powder and salt and pepper. Form into round patties (about the same size as your ramekins).

6. Fry your patties in a pan over medium high heat for a few minutes on each side – once flipped, place the cheese slice on top and turn the heat to low and put a lid on the pan to encourage the cheese to melt.

7. Use a spatula to loosen the bread from the sides of the ramekin and turn it out.

8. Slice your bun in half horizontally and spread the mayonnaise over before layering in your lettuce and tomato. Top with your burger pattie and the top of the bun. 

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