Lisa Riley speaks out on lockdown after incredible 12 stone weight loss – diet plan detail

Speaking on This Morning with Holly Willoughby and Phillip is Schofield, Lisa revealed she prefers work to home amid the current lockdown. She praised the safety measures put in place on set at Emmerdale.

She told the presenters: “It was eerily quiet, the building and the volume of people that were normally there, were just not there.

“However, safety wise, have they gone the extra mile. I feel safer at work than I do even in my own home or in the supermarket.”

Lisa has put in an amazing amount of work to lose the weight.

She dropped from a UK size 30 to a size 14 in a year. The star detail how she did it.

Lisa used small bowls to help her slim down. Lisa watched her portion sizes by eating out of small bowls.

She told the Mirror: “I had made myself fat by gorging on bread, crisps, crumpets and red wine.

“Once I accepted responsibility for my health, weight, and lifestyle it made it easier to take control. You don’t have to have a starter, main and pudding.”

Lisa has her own diet book which she released in 2017, called The Honesty Diet.

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Lisa enjoys a low carb diet to slim down but she also contributes her weight loss to being honest with herself.

The sell for the book reads: “Lisa credits her success to the power of honesty – only when she was 100 percent honest with herself did the pounds finally fall away.

“With Lisa’s help, readers can put the fibs and excuses behind them, kick the bad habits and achieve the body and health they’ve always wanted.”

Now Lisa shares her weight loss tips on Instragram, as well as her recipes.


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She shared an her apple, celery, walnut, and king prawn lunch recipe on the platform.

Alongside this she wrote: “EVERYONE is always asking me for a meal option when they are ‘on the run’ now trust me, in my line of work this happens a lot.

“But rather than grabbing a sandwich and crisps which would be REALLY bad for you, then THIS would be my go-to meal, low in calories, SUPER healthy and fills you up!!!

“It’s @marksandspencer Apple, Celery & Walnut Small Salad Box and throw inside @marksandspencer Sweet & Smoky King Prawns. DELICIOUS!!! Mix it both together and ENJOY the flavours.” (SIC)

Lisa also works out for a minimum of 30 minutes a day.

Another soap star who has lost weight is Riley Carter Millington. 

The EastEnders star has shed weight in lockdown.

Riley posted a video of his impressive weight loss on his Twitter in May.

He appeared muscular and slim in the video, which showed him preparing to work out.

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