Kitty Spencer weight loss: Royal avoids ‘restrictive diet patterns’ – ‘consistency is key’

Lady Kitty Spencer wears emerald green to the Royal Wedding

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Back in September this year for London Fashion Week, Lady Kitty Spencer rocked a black sleeveless bustier top that showed off impressive muscle definition on her arms, but she was reportedly not always confident with her body. Lady Kitty has lost a lot of weight over the past few years and Holly Zoccolan, a Nutritional Health Coach & Founder of The Health Zoc, spoke exclusively to about Lady Kitty’s weight loss journey. Holly said: “As Lady Kitty Spencer makes it a priority to stay active whilst travelling, this shows her consistency with leading a healthy lifestyle.

“She is often seen on social media swimming, using bikes and generally staying active when travelling.

“As we know, consistency is key for a healthy mind and body so it’s great that Lady Kitty makes this a priority.

“We can also see that Lady Kitty is not restrictive with her diet, but makes maintaining her health a priority so it seems that she leads a healthy lifestyle, as opposed to following restrictive diet patterns that cause an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise.”

In an interview with Town and Country, she explained she first felt inclined to change her health habits ahead of her first modelling job in February 2017.

Describing it as “the start of a confidence building exercise”, she said she wanted “to do for my older self, so I can look back and say I did it”.

Before that, in 2010, she told the Evening Standard exercise and healthy eating was not for her.

“There’s a gym in the house, literally next door to my bedroom,” she said.

“I’ve walked past and looked in but I’ve never been inside.

“I don’t like exercise, so I don’t do it.”

She does not agree with weighing herself, either.

“My mum says it’s unhealthy having scales in the house – they’re banned,” she explained.

Both her mother, Victoria Aitken, and late aunt, Princess Diana have shaped the way she perceives health and fitness.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar in 2019, Lady Kitty Spencer revealed Diana’s battle with bulimia and her mother’s struggles with anorexia, drugs and alcohol addiction have made her realise the importance of both physical and mental well being.

Kitty is now a model and ambassador for luxury brands such as Bvlgari or Dolce & Gabbana.

She looks flawless in all her appearances but Kitty looked quite different a few years ago.

Diana’s niece also claimed one other thing which motivated her to change her lifestyle completely: Prince Harry and Meghan’s 2018 wedding.

The star revealed she was originally body-shamed in her mid-twenties as some followers left cruel comments on her social media.

She once got told by an Instagram user to “lay off the cake” because she was “too fat” in her bikini.

However, some years later at her cousin, Harry’s, wedding, she had undergone a very impressive weight loss transformation.

Her weight loss has now become obvious, especially as the model keeps posting her slim figure while attending galas and events.

After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, Kitty, who looked beautiful in a green dress, gained over 37,000 followers on Instagram.

A week after the wedding, Kitty was offered to be the face of Bvlgari.

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