Kitty Spencer: Diana’s niece lost weight after ‘nasty’ comment– but diet not ‘restrictive’

Lady Kitty Spencer stars in campaign promoting Chinese milk

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Lady Kitty Spencer is most famously known as Princess Diana’s niece and, like her late aunt, she has a fantastic figure. However, Kitty lost an impressive amount of weight a few years ago, transforming her look. The socialite wasn’t happy with her body, but there were also other reasons behind her weight loss. What were her biggest motivators, and how did she do it?

One of the reasons why Kitty lost weight was to become healthier.

Her mother’s battles with drug and alcohol addiction played a role, as well as her late aunt’s history of bulimia.

Knowing of close family members who have struggled with both physical and mental health issues in the past motivated Kitty to lead a healthy lifestyle.

She said she ditched the “unhealthy” diet she was following and started to go to spinning, barre, and swimming classes.

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Holly Zoccolan, a nutritional health coach and founder of The Health Zoc, told “As Lady Kitty Spencer makes it a priority to stay active whilst travelling, this shows her consistency with leading a healthy lifestyle.

“She is often seen on social media swimming, using bikes and generally staying active when travelling.

“As we know, consistency is key for a healthy mind and body so it’s great that Lady Kitty makes this a priority.”

Holly added: “We can also see that Lady Kitty is not restrictive with her diet, but makes maintaining her health a priority so it seems that she leads a healthy lifestyle, as opposed to following restrictive diet patterns that cause an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise.”

The 31-year-old is not afraid to eat what she enjoys once in a while, treating herself to a Pret A Manger sandwich or truffle pizza.

“It’s all just melted cheese – it’s heaven,” she told Harper’s Bazaar in 2019.

She added: “I guess I’m doing these things on my own terms.

“I don’t think it’s my job to starve to fit into an outfit. If I’ve agreed to do something for a brand or whatever, I look after myself but I’m not obsessive or unhealthy.

“If a brand wants to work with me, and think their designs look good on me, then they can give them to me in my size.”

Kitty is confident in her body and look, but she didn’t always have the high self-esteem she has now.

Before she lost weight, the model was criticised for her appearance.

In 2016, an Instagram user left a comment underneath a photo of the model on holiday in the south of France, saying: “Lay off the cake, darling. You’re too fat.”

At the time, 24-year-old Kitty responded: “I’m sorry that you feel the need to post nasty comments under photographs of people you don’t know.

“I’ve yet to see unkind behaviour do any good in the world.”

Kitty lost weight not to necessarily become thinner, but to feel better mentally, as well as physically.

When she became a model, the career choice also strengthened her confidence. She told Town and Country magazine that it was “the start of a confidence building exercise”, which she wanted “to do for my older self, so I can look back and say I did it”.

She was offered to be the face of designer brand Bvlgari and selected to be a model in the Dolce and Gabbana 2017 fashion show.

Kitty said: “It was terrifying. I was 26 and working full-time for a charity, and I loved it, but it’s very different from that world of style.

“I went home and spoke to my family, and my mum said, ‘well, why don’t you?’ I thought, ‘I’m going to do it for my older self, so I can look back and say I did it’.”

Although Kitty started to watch what she ate and increased her exercise uptake, she later realised Dolce and Gabbana didn’t care about her size.

She said: “I remember trying to be really healthy, going to the gym and doing that sort of stuff, and when I tried on the dress for a fitting, Domenico [Dolce] was like, ‘have you lost weight?’

“I proudly answered, ‘yes’ and he said, ‘oh, now the measurements are different’. There was no emphasis on size – that’s not what it’s about at all.”

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