Keto expert shares how to make easy changes to diet for weight loss – ‘it’s a breeze!’

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Monya Kilian Palmer is the best-selling author of author of Keto Kitchen and Lazy Keto Kitchen. In her latest book, Budget Keto Kitchen, Monya shares tens of recipes – from spicy enchiladas to mushroom and cheese soufflé omelettes – for foodies to follow the keto lifestyle on a budget. She spoke to about her book, as well as how beginner dieters can start to easily follow the keto diet.

Speaking about the recipes in her latest book, Monya said: “I am specifically chuffed with a batch-cooked beefy mince mixture, which can be portioned and frozen – then used in so many recipes in the book, where I finish them all differently.

“These include a Spicy Bolognese, Mum’s Curry and Rice, Enchiladas, Sloppy Joes and even a Keto Lasagne.

“I think readers will be pleased because I often get asked on social media for more batch-cooked type recipes that the whole family can enjoy – and Budget Keto Kitchen has plenty of family favourites that no one will even suspect is keto.”

So, how can one start to incorporate the keto diet into their daily routine?

Monya advised: “Start by understanding which foods are high in carbs – then avoid them.

“As a start: potatoes, pasta, bread, rice, and all forms of sugar.

“Your meals will still be satisfying because one must learn not to fear natural fat.

“So, skip that baked potato and rather melt more butter – or drizzle more olive oil – over your broccoli.”

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Essentially, Monya recommended “keeping the carbs very low, the protein moderate, and the natural fats high”.

Where possible, processed foods are best avoided.

Monya continued: “With very little carb intake, there are no blood sugar spikes – and subsequent crashes.

“Plus, there is the very welcome addition of weight loss, mental clarity, and endless energy.”

Explaining the benefits of the diet further, Monya said: “Without carbohydrates, your body will tap into fat as its energy source.

“Fat is a clean and consistent energy source. This metabolic shift leads to a process called ketosis – a perfectly natural and healthy state for the body to be in.”

Other foods and drinks Monya advised against were alcohol and desserts.

She said: “I would not recommend including alcohol at the beginning of a person’s journey if the ultimate goal is weight loss.

“Alcohol will slow the process of weight loss down due to the nature in which it is metabolised.

“As for the occasional pasta or sugar-laden dessert, I wouldn’t recommend this at all.

“One will fall out of the state of ketosis, so for me it is not worth it.

“It is so much easier to simply make the lifestyle change – and stick to it.

“With a good understanding of the basics, and the support of family and friends, it’s a breeze.”

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