Keto diet: Best snacks on the fast weight loss plan revealed – never eat this

The keto diet, or ketogenic diet, has been praised by many online fans for its fast weight loss results. What snacks can you eat on the diet, and which should you avoid?

Keto diet – best snacks for plan

Keto snacks are high fat and low carb.

Most dieters will reach for a piece of fruit when snacking, but for followers of the keto plan it’s not so simple.

Foods that can be snacked on include cheese and nuts.

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Hummous with celery can also work as a good keto snack.

Simple nuts can be snacked upon on the keto diet, as can olives.

Coconut yoghurt is recommended, too.

Another popular snack for followers of the keto diet is the so-called “fat bomb”.

This is a food created using oils and butters as a base.

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Nuts and sweeteners are added to the sticky mixture, which is rolled into a ball.

Boiled eggs and cold cuts of meat are also keto appropriate snacks.

Some berries are keto appropriate, including raspberries and blackberries, although small portions are advised.

Pork scratchings are a tasty keto snack.


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What snacks should you cut from your diet when eating keto?

Fruit like grapes and bananas are out.

Coffee is fine on the diet but sugary coffees with milk are not keto.

Fruit juice is off the menu, as are cashew nuts.

Needless to day, crisps, sweets, chocolates and cakes are also a no-no.

Another keto diet weight loss trick involves eating this protein and oil to boost weight loss results and burn belly fat. –

Diet Doctor recommends a protein intake of 1.2 to 1.7 grams per kg of body weight per day.

It is claimed you should have between 20 to 30 grams of protein at each meal.

One egg has around 6g of protein and there is 31g of protein in 100g of chicken breast.

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