Keto diet: Best 7-day Keto meal plan for rapid weight loss for beginners

The Keto diet promises great weight loss results in a short space of time. Fans of this popular dieting technique claim to be able to trim down quick in just one week by following this seven-day meal plan for rapid weight loss – does it work?


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When beginning a diet, it’s often best not to overcomplicate things.  If you’re looking for a diet to help with losing weight, burning fat or improving health, there is one particular diet that is perfect for this situation, the Keto, or Ketogenic, diet.

What is a Keto Diet?

The Keto, also known as the Ketogenic, diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that offers many health benefits and shares many similarities to the popular Atkins and other low-carb diets.

The Keto diet is an eating plan that drives your body into Ketosis, a state where the body uses fat as a primary fuel source (instead of carbohydrates), says Stacey Mattinson, a motivational nutrition guru and healthy lifestyle blogger.

Many on the plan will eat less than 25 grams net carbs a day in order for their body to enter the fat-burning “Ketosis” state.

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In Ketosis, a slimmer’s body becomes incredibly effective at burning fat. 

And the more stored fat is used as a fuel, the more fat and weight a slimmer will lose.

It may sound unconventional to eat a high-fat diet to burn fat and lose weight, but the diet is in fact well studied and proven. 

There are many studies that show a Keto diet can help a slimmer lose weight and improve their health and fitness.

However, getting to a state of Ketosis requires a slimmer to follow a Keto diet meal.

A Keto diet meal plan is what enables your body to enter Ketosis

It focuses on limiting carbohydrates intakes and upping fat, and some protein.

“Your body only goes into ketosis when carbohydrate intake is low. This is the main purpose of a Ketogenic diet,” explained Claire Potter, a nutritionist and weight loss blogger.

This translates to:

• 60-75 percent of calories from fat.

• 15-30 percent of calories from protein.

• 5-10 percent of calories from carbs.


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Claire Potter has recommended one particular seven-day Keto diet plan for rapid weight loss, she said: “I use this [7-day Keto diet plan] to lose weight quickly for events or special occasions.

“[The diet is] easy to follow and doesn’t require too much effort.”

Seven-day Keto diet plan

Day 1:

• Breakfast: Scrambled egg lettuce wrap with avocado and coriander

• Snack: Nuts

• Lunch: kale salad with grilled chicken with olive oil dressing. 

• Snack: bell pepper with guacamole   

• Dinner: Steak with cauliflower rice

Day 2:

• Breakfast: Baked egg in an avocado cup

• Snack: Macadamia nuts

• Lunch: Tuna salad with a side of green salad

• Snack: Sliced cheese or cold cut turkey roll-ups

• Dinner: Chinese Beef and broccoli

Day 3:

• Breakfast: Full-fat Greek yogurt topped with chia seeds and crushed walnuts

• Snack:  Turkey jerky (look for no added sugar type)

• Lunch: Cauliflower fried rice

• Snack: Sliced cheese 

• Dinner: Roast beef with sautéed mushroom and zucchini

Day 4:

• Breakfast: Blackberry protein shake with kale and almond butter  

• Snack: Courgette Parmesan chips

• Lunch: Chicken tenders made with almond flour on a bed of greens with cucumbers and goat cheese

• Snack: Bacon deviled eggs

• Dinner: Grilled shrimp topped with a lemon butter sauce with a side of asparagus  

Day 5:

• Breakfast: Fried eggs with bacon and a side of greens.

• Snack: 1/2 cup coconut chips 

• Lunch: Grass-fed burger in a lettuce “bun” topped with avocado and a side salad.

• Snack: Celery sticks dipped in almond butter.

• Dinner: Meatloaf on a bed of watercress salad

Day 6:

• Breakfast: Feta cheese and spinach omelet.

• Snack: Bacon wrapped asparagus.

• Lunch: Chicken wings with celery sticks.

• Snack: Cocoa Coconut milk smoothie  

• Dinner: Grilled chicken with bell peppers and tomatoes   

Day 7:

• Breakfast: Full-fat Greek yogurt with coconut chips and pumpkin seeds

• Snack: Cheese crisp

• Lunch: Chicken salad wraps

• Snack: Peanut butter fat bombs  

• Dinner: Grilled salmon with a side of cauliflower rice

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