Joe Pasquale lost two stone and belly fat for a rippling six pack by cutting out two foods

Joe Pasquale appeared on Loose Women today talk all about his new look, showing off his two stone weight loss.

The comedian now boasts a rippling six pack, joking that he looks like Hollywood heartthrob Tom Hardy.

He told the panel he lost weight to take part in The Real Full Monty in May.

He revealed he cut out two foods to help him shift the weight.

Weight loss: Joe Pasquale diet plan helped him lose two stone and belly fat for a rippling six pack

“It’s not eating wine gums. I’m not eating chips,” the British comedian revealed.

However, this is not all his new look took, of course, a lot of hard work a the gym went into it too.

Joe added: “I go to the gym six days a week for an hour a day.”

Joe’s before and after pictures are staggering, he has lost a beer belly and replaced it with a six pack.

He revealed how appearing naked in The Full Monty caused him to get in shape. Joe said: “I thought if I’ve got to stand next to Ashley Banjo and have everything out I don’t want my belly to be the only thing they’re looking at. People think it’s been photo-shopped. It’s all me.”

In a sombre moment, Joe revealed his mother’s death inspired him to take fitness more seriously.

Joe said: “I changed twenty years ago when my mum died. That was a pivotal moment for me I realised my own mortality then I try to live my life every day.”

This is not the first time a TV show has inspired Joe Pasquale’s weight loss. /life-style/diets/1140873/joe-pasquale-weight-loss-diet-plan-2019-lose-weight

He told Loose Women two years ago how he ditched sugar to slim down after appearing on Sugar Free Farm.

He said at the time: “This was a great experience I will never forget and cutting out sugar really raised my energy levels.”

Joe also revealed a packaging trick to help him stay on top of his diet.

“I didn’t realise they had all these traffic lights on food nowadays,” he said.

“They’ve got it on the amount of carbs, protein, sugars.

“If it’s not in the green on the sugar, I don’t eat it.”

Another daytime TV star who has lost a huge amount of weight is an ITV Good Morning Britain presenter.

Susanna Reid’s weight loss has impressed many with the journalist looking slimmer on screens since last year. 

She told fellow ITV host Lorraine of her weight loss: “It can creep up without you noticing, and what I did was cut out snacking.

“I found waking up so early in the morning, and you’re in a sort of energy deficit and all your body can think of is to have toast and biscuits, have calories. And you can pile it on really quickly.”

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