Jessica Ennis-Hill: Olympian reveals best plan for healthy lifestyle – what can you eat?

Having trained as a professional athlete, diet and fitness has constantly been on the mind of Jessica Ennis-Hill. Trying to live healthy lifestyle can be a tricky task for many and some people will drastically change their diet in order to slim down. For those hoping to stay healthy, the athlete shared her tips on what they should be eating to help them do this. Following a balanced diet and using portion control can be good ways to kick start the journey, Jessica explained.

It’s not about trying to lose weight or a dieting plan, it’s about whatever level you are at you find something that works for you.

Jessica Ennis-Hill

When trying to stay healthy, Jessica revealed slimmers should look at what they are eating and make sure it fits in with their lifestyle.

Jessica told “It’s a balance, it depends what kind of person you are.

“You would have to look at your eating plan and weigh it with your exercise regime.”

Although it can be tempting to remove entire food groups from the diet, the athlete explained eating a balanced plan could be better than making drastic changes.

“I’m not a massive believer in cutting the carbs out and going on a big diet or something like that,” she said.

“If you can eat balanced then you’re winning.”

Slimmers may also be tempted to follow a restrictive diet plan but changing their lifestyle and eating well could be the key to success.

She said: “I don’t think a diet is sustainable. The way I’ve always trained is if you exercise then you’re burning calories and if you pair your diet with that it’s great.

“After I retired I had to change my diet, more like portion sizes.

“When I was training I was eating a lot because I was training twice a day and after I thought ‘I can’t eat those same portions because I’m not burning the calories’.

“It’s understanding what you’re eating, how many calories you are burning and making it marry up.”

Ultimately, when trying to lose weight, Jessica explained finding a balanced combination of fitness and diet will help get the best result.

She told “It’s not about trying to lose weight or a dieting plan, it’s about whatever level you are at you find something that works for you.”

If slimmers make sure their diet and exercise regimes line up, they are likely to lose weight.

Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill launched her new fitness app and website Jennis on 10th June, available globally for £9.99 a month.

Those hoping to lose weight from a specific area of their body, such as their stomach, can try to do this by adding more protein in their diet, an expert revealed. 

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