Jane McDonald lost 4st by making three diet swaps – but refuses to eat one superfood

Jane McDonald bumps into an old friend from her dancing days

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Jane McDonald is best known for singing her heart out onboard cruise ships. She then went onto become a TV personality having appeared on ITV’s Loose Women for many years, as well as fronting her own performance shows and now she’s exploring Yorkshire on Channel 5. Over the years, Jane has lost a considerable amount of weight, which she achieved by cutting a few food groups out from her diet. But in a bid to overhaul her health, there is one superfood she doesn’t eat. 

Speaking about her life at sea, Jane said: “I worked long hours and would grab whatever I could on tour, or I’d just eat microwave meals. 

“What made me so angry was when I found out just how much added sugar there is in pre-prepared food. 

“It’s literally in everything. I’d been consuming it for years, without even knowing it.” 

Jane was approached by ITV to take part in Sugar Free Farm alongside several other celebrities. 

“My first thought was, ‘this is just a fat farm – why do they think I need to lose weight? I’m a size 12/14.’ I didn’t think I was that bad,” she admitted. 

She went onto explain how the show was about cutting sugar out of a diet, instead of dieting to lose weight. 

Jane’s dress size dropped to an eight and following the show, she “lost an [additional] stone and a half”, which in total, meant she shed four stone.

The show asked the celebrities to “cut out alcohol, cakes, biscuits, convinience food…everything”. 

Jane said the “hardest thing” was not drinking red wine, and she didn’t realise how much sugar was in each glass. 

The singer went onto admit that “appearing on the programme was the best thing I’ve ever done”. 

She added: “I used to eat so much rubbish. I didn’t realise how much rubbish I used to eat. 

“Now [my fridge] is stuffed from top to bottom with lean meat and chopped veg in boxes of Tupperware: peppers, spinach, things like that. 

“Not kale though, as my partner Ed couldn’t take to it.” 

Jane’s partner of 13 years, Ed Rothe died of lung cancer last March and she shared the news on social media in June, the day after his funeral.

Alongside a diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, and no sugar, Jane also exercises. 

And there is one particular workout she favours which helped her get into shape for her role in Cats the musical. 

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She revealed: “I didn’t realise how unfit I was before I started this, my body had a fair transformation, it took me all my time to get down on all fours.” 

“The warm-up is Pilates based with plenty of cat movements thrown in. 

“It’s all about strengthening the core, and by doing that it’s enabled me to belt the songs out like I’ve never done before,” she told Northern Life magazine. 

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