‘It makes me feel good’ Laura Hamilton on why keto is ‘most effective lifestyle’ for her

Jasmine Harman meets Laura Hamilton at the gym

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The keto diet consists of eating foods that are low in carbs but high in fat. For Laura, who hates “to call anything a diet”, keto is a part of a healthy lifestyle that also includes doing regular exercise.

Laura is a big fan of healthy lifestyle app Lifesum, which she credits for giving her recipe ideas to follow the keto diet more easily.

However, the A Place in the Sun star stressed she “doesn’t keep to it all the time” and thinks “it should be a lifestyle” instead of a “diet”.

“That’s why I like Lifesum, because there are lots of options of lifestyle programmes to follow,” Laura said.

“Whether that’s keto or anything else.”

For Laura, keto works better than anything else.

She said: “I just know it’s the most effective for me if I want to trim up or feel good.

“It gives me more energy, which is weird because you think, well if I’m cutting back on my carb intake I’ll have less energy, but you don’t because your body naturally uses its own energy – your fat – in a different way.

“So, I dip in and out of it, and sometimes I’ll break it. I’ll have a glass of wine or whatever.”

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Laura continued: “But at the moment I’m trying to follow it up.

“It’s not just beneficial for weight loss, it’s beneficial for reducing cancers, and for people who are diabetic.

“There are some amazing health benefits to following a lifestyle like that, rather than eating a load of sugar and a load of carbs.”

The TV presenter went on to tell Express.co.uk about the meals she eats every day that are both delicious and healthy.

She said: “I might have an omelet with bacon and cheese for breakfast, or I might have an avocado with an egg baked in it.

“And then for lunch I might have salmon with cauliflower rice.

“I might have a steak salad with loads of broccoli and spinach.

“I don’t follow a weekly plan of having the same meals every week, but I do get inspired by looking at the Lifesum app.”

Laura emphasised that it’s okay to enjoy your favourite foods as part of a healthy lifestyle, as well as to snack, because life is “all about balance”.

She said: “There are times where I’m like oh I’ll go grab a little sweet treat.

“I also love nuts. I snack on nuts – in fact I have some in front of me now that I’m eating.”

The TV presenter added that she enjoys cooking both at home and whenever she travels abroad for work.

She explained: “I love cooking. When I’m travelling and I come back home I’m always inspired by the things that I’ve eaten.

“When I come back from Greece I’m often like, oh I want a great salad. I buy some feta and olives and I chop tomatoes, onions, and put loads of olive oil in too.

“You can’t beat buying loads of vegetables, chopping them all up, bit of salt sprinkled on them, olive oil, putting them in the oven and roasting them. It’s just so tasty,” Laura added.

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