I tried out best-selling Instagram fitness app SHREDDY – results

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Fitness apps have become the new way to train both in the gym and at home, but with so many subscriptions to choose from it can be hard to find the right one to suit your lifestyle. I am as guilty as the next person at dodging the commitment of sticking to a paid plan and often find myself searching for quick-fix workout videos online instead. But this year I decided to try and break the endless cycle of promising to get fitter for the new year by trying the best-selling app, SHREDDY.  While I was aware some people have taken on the challenge of their set plans for weight loss, I used it as a guide for keeping fit during the most indulgent month of the year.

I’ve never been keen on the idea of radical fitness transformations, particularly around December and January when there is extra pressure on changing the way we look or to mark the start of a new chapter.

While SHREDDY is known as “the number one female fitness transformation app”, my approach to using it over the festive period highlighted its benefits as motivation to stay active and “on plan” without strict dieting or an expensive gym membership.

The best-selling Instagram app, founded by social media influencer, Grace Beverley, gives subscribers access to a range of features, from real-time workouts to eight-week transformation guides and meal plans.

Branded as an “all-in-one app”, the platform can be used to suit your own goals even if you have no fitness experience or equipment. In fact, you don’t even need shoes for some of the pilates and yoga-based workouts that I chose to follow.

How I used the app

While I started with the intention of completing the four-week “SHREDDY 10” plan, which like all of the workouts is led by qualified and experienced SHREDDY trainers, a four-day trip abroad and the chaos of Christmas quickly got in the way of the pre-made calendar which had workouts planned for every day of the week.

Instead, I decided to customise the ready-made guide to suit my own schedule, by creating my own routine made up of four days of workouts, and three rest days. I found that this was the most stand-out feature which made the workouts that much easier to follow.

The plan has been easy to pick up as and when I can, allowing me to complete a range of 10 to 20 minute workouts each week. As a lover of pilates and yoga – more so than high-intensity interval training (HIIT), I chose to use the “balance” guide which was led by SHREDDY trainer, Phoebe.

Other sets included “transform” and “strong”, both of which can be customised to suit different your own weekly routine, though there are also several options to select individual videos or guides if you prefer a more spontaneous fitness schedule.

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The workouts

The plan combined a mixture of functional training moves using both body weight and some limited equipment, most of which were easy to do in the comfort of my own home.

Upper body, lower body and full body circuits were on rotation throughout each week to ensure every muscle group was targeted. While the videos were repeated on some days, I found the variety of moves kept it interesting.

Kickbacks, leg swings, arm raises, glute bridges and the classic cat-cow yoga pose were some personal favourites that appeared in the short SHREDDY videos.

While using the app, I found that the tutorials were incredibly easy to follow with clear demonstrations of the moves, a useful timer with a bleeping countdown mode, and trackable progress after completing a workout. 

Meal planning

The layout of the app can’t be faulted, however, I did notice a few glitches when trying to load the daily calendar, within which, you can plan three healthy meals and two snacks per day using the SHREDDY recipes.

This feature contained a wealth of healthy meal ideas, ranging from breakfast omelettes to flavoursome Mediterranean-inspired dinners.

While I would have liked to have followed the meal plan for the entirety of the month, this was made more difficult with the arrival of Christmas and my own dietary requirements.

As someone with a severe nut and chickpea allergy along with soya intolerance, this eliminated a large quantity of the meal ideas – many of which contained peanuts, cashews, chickpeas, and tofu.

Out of the meals I did enjoy making from scratch, the “healthier chicken gyros”, chicken, bacon and avocado salad and avo-mushroom toast were some of my favourites. Despite not being able to try them all, there is no denying that each recipe suggestion provides “Shredders” with easy, affordable and incredibly tasty meals.

One thing I did love about the meal plan feature was the “shopping list” icon which laid out the ingredients for each week’s worth of meals, along with quantities and handy tick-boxes to easily cross them off as you buy them.

The verdict

I am the first to admit that my rapid one-month trial of SHREDDY did not end in a significant difference physically, but one thing it has achieved is helping me overcome my woes about subscription fitness apps. 

The main takeaway I have from using Grace Beverley’s best-selling app is that it has been a hit for good reason. Having such a wide variety of workout styles and helpful tips, including educational guides, made it easy to set realistic goals without the pressure of committing to an intense plan just to feel the burn.

As a self-confessed fitness and dieting amateur, I would certainly recommend the app to others who are looking to keep “on the wagon” while balancing a busy schedule.

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