Huw Edwards weight loss: Presenter used boxing & running to drop whopping 3 stone

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 Following the tragic passing of his father, Huw Edwards plummeted into a deep depression and subsequently abandoned his healthy habits. How did he lose the weight for good?

At his heaviest in 2016-2017, Huw Edwards tipped the scales at 16 and a half stone.

His weight gain was predominantly due to the depression he fell into when his father passed away from cancer in 2010, however the presenter had experienced issues with his mental health from as early as 2002.

Huw’s weight gain was not only physical but mental.

He told The Times that he felt “dreadful”, and a “bit helpless”.

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The presenter sought solace in food to combat his low mood.

“It’s like a drug. I’d eat when I wasn’t hungry. I wasn’t doing any fitness. I was grazing, watching telly and eating stuff, even though I didn’t need it.”

It was only when his wife pointed out his weight gain that he decided to take charge of his health.

He opted for two key exercises to combat his weight gain.

It was running and boxing that saw the presenter shed his excess fat.

Under the guidance of boxer Clinton McKenzie, Huw lost a whopping three stone.

His mental health improved drastically too as he slimmed down.

As for diet, Huw opted for a healthy approach as opposed to restrictive eating, under instruction from McKenzie.

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Huw stated: “He just says, ‘Eat sensibly. If you want a pint or a glass of wine, that’s fine.

In fact, advocates of the Mediterranean diet even advocate drinking the occasional glass of red wine.

He continued: “Just don’t overdo it and don’t eat’ – in his words – ‘sugary s***’.”

With his new exercise regime and moderate approach to food, Huw completely transformed his body and mind.

He revealed: “Getting physically fit has meant being mentally more robust.”

On World Mental Health Day, he thanked the man behind his significant weight loss.

“Big shout-out to Clinton McKenzie who has kept me going this past year.”

Huw Edwards did boxing two or three times per week, in addition to TRX weight training and running to drop the weight.

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