How to lose weight well: Diet plan with citrus and pineapple – lose half a stone in a week

Dieters were broken down into those on week long plans, those on six week plans and those on three month plans. In this special summer episode, the ‘Crashers’ are friends Sophie and Zoe who want to lose weight before an event.

Housemates Sophie and Zoe were looking to drop a dress size for a summer event.

Both women are fans of fast food like pizza and fried chicken, and they are looking to slim for their stomachs, arms and backs.

Sophie, 12st 2lb, and Zoe, 13st 6 lbs, aimed to drop a dress size for the black tie event, for which she was Zoe’s plus one.

The diets the girls tried focused on summer fruits said to aid weight loss, and were devised by Doctor Xand van Tulleken and Doctor Helen Lawal.

Sophie ate the “Citrus Diet”.

Acids from citrus fruit are said to regulate digestion by those behind the diet. Sophie will eat 1000 calories a day, no starchy carbs, with at least five servings of citrus fruit a day.

She has to a avoid snacks and white food too.

Zoe, on the other hand, ate the “Sexy Pineapple Diet”, written by a Danish sexologist.

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The diet restricts you to just pineapple for three days of the week, eating up to two pineapples a day.

The expert recommended eating just pineapple every other day.

This is the only rule for Zoe to follow, sounds simple enough, but will a day full of just pineapple be achievable?

So how did the dieters fare?

In a week Zoe managed to lose an amazing 8lbs on the diet, just over half a stone, in just a week.

Sophie, on the other hand, lost even more, shedding 9lbs.

However, the programme added expert generally don’t advise crash diets and results can be varied.

Adele’s weight loss has wowed fans, with the singer achieving an amazing seven stone weight loss, which she showed of in an Instagram post this week. 

The snap was a tribute to Beyonce, in which Adele looked lithe wearing a top by Marine Serre.

Alongside the image of the smiling, fresh-faced singer is a caption reading: “Thank you Queen for always making us all feel so loved through your art.”

One commenter wrote: “You look gorgeous. Positively radiant.”

Another added: “Omg Adele looks so different.”

She has reportedly been working with a fitness guru who has worked alongside Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Katy Perry.

The source told The Sunday Mirror: “Adele is feeling incredible at the moment and her weight loss is due to a lot of things but she is also been getting tips from Harley.

“Lady Gaga told her how brilliant Harley was. And that convinced Adele to get in touch.”

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