How to ‘burn off’ delicious treats so you can eat lavishly on holiday- ‘it’s much easier!’

Rapid weight loss 'becoming much more accepted' says Mosley

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Slimming down for a holiday is a typical weight loss goal of millions of people across the world, and while that can be challenging, maintaining that hard-earned weight loss while away is another story.

But diet expert Rosemary Conley CBE, has offered some useful guidelines for breakfast, lunch and dinner that will ensure people continue their hard work.


Rosemary suggested taking time to enjoy the range of fruits on offer when visiting exotic destinations.

“If you are somewhere tropical, enjoy the vast variety of local fruits,” she said.

“Eating a plateful of papaya, a selection of melon, plus passion fruit and mango is amazing with some fresh yogurt. A fabulous way to start the day!”


Sticking to a healthy lunch doesn’t have to be hard and Rosemary revealed what people should be avoiding.

“Dining with freshly cooked and locally caught fish or lean meat served with a salad is a real treat and healthy too.

“Avoid anything with chips and try not to fill up on bread when you don’t need it.”


Rosemary offered up two suggestions depending on whether a person prefers sweet or savoury foods.

“If you love a dessert, select a light starter and skip the bread roll that is offered,” she said.

“Choose what you like for the main course and fill up with delicious salads and/or vegetables. “Then, choose the dessert you really love. This is what being on holiday is all about!”

If a person prefers savoury foods, she recommended “spoiling” themselves with the starter and skip the dessert.

Rosemary added: “My best advice for avoiding weight-gain on holiday is to balance your delicious food with a bit more activity.

“It’s much easier on holiday, as we have more time.”

But she warned: “I have to be honest – if you intend to just lie on a sun lounger and read a book or three for a fortnight, you might be struggling.

“If, on the other hand, you love swimming, walking on the beach, sightseeing on foot, playing a beach sport – then you’re laughing.

“You will be burning off your gorgeous treats, while loving the fun of activity.”

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