High-impact 30-minute fitness workout could help you burn over 450 calories

Expert explains why enjoying exercise is important

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For years, the treadmill has been a trusty go-to for fitness lovers everywhere. Whether a person is looking to lose weight, warm-up before a workout, get their cardio in or even to relieve some stress, it remains a loyal companion for all.

So it’ll come as no surprise that it’s been found the most efficient way to burn calories quickly.

In a new study conducted by Ocean Finance to find out which workouts burn fat the fastest, experts analysed the average number of calories burned when working out on the most popular forms of gym equipment.

The results proved that using the treadmill is the most effective.

And by spending 30 minutes either walking or running at a speed of 7.5mph, a person can burn around 465 calories.

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They also found that the user would have to burn an average of 3,500 calories to lose a single pound of fat.

Researchers estimated this would take around 3.5 hours on a treadmill.

Not only is the gym equipment good for burning calories in less time with the high-intensity interval training programmes installed on the machines, it has numerous other benefits, too.

1. Increase metabolic rate

Interval training often results in greater metabolic activity, which can cause your body to expend energy much quicker for up to 24 hours.

Experts at OriGym note that the benefits of interval running on a treadmill provides “the perfect method of exercise that will help you lose weight quickly”.

2. Increases heart rate

They explained that treadmill exercise is also effective at increasing the heart rate to a healthy level.

This is why it’s used by many athletes as a warm-up exercise, because it enables them to perform with increased safety and efficiency.

3. Promotes blood circulation

Running on a treadmill increases blood circulation and oxygen levels, which helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

This, in turn, allows people to strengthen their heart muscles and reduces the risk of developing heart disease.

A 15-year study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that amongst 50,000 people, running [even at low speeds] for five to 10 minutes a day reduced risks of heart disease by 45 percent.

4. Improves joint flexibility

While running is considered a high-impact sport, Origym experts point out that one of the main benefits of running on a treadmill is that it can include joint strengthening and flexibility through the specific range of motion required on a treadmill.

If a person has stronger joints, they are less likely to experience trips and falls as they get older.

But they noted suitable footwear and allowing rest days are important so as not to over-do it.

4. Builds bone density

Similarly, running on a treadmill can contribute to an increase in overall bone density that aids the skeleton’s structure and stability.

The higher the density, the healthier and stronger the bones, and Origym claim that high-impact exercise encourages bones to repair themselves more quickly.

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