Healthy A-list smoothie recipe which improves hair, skin & nails

American actress Reese Witherspoon, 46, is an ageless beauty who also has a fabulous figure. She took to Instagram to share which healthy smoothie keeps her going for the first part of each day.

In May 2020 she told her 29.1 million followers: “This is the smoothie that I drink every single day.”

She revealed that she has been enjoying this healthy yet delicious drink for just under a decade, around eight or nine years.

She continued: “It has a lot of vegetables in it, and I have it instead of breakfast.”

Reese makes the veggie-packed smoothie at around 10 or 11am and it keeps her full until around 1pm.

How to make Reese’s healthy smoothie

Ingredients for two smoothies (refrigerate one portion and save for tomorrow)

Two heads of romaine lettuce

Half a cup of spinach

Half a cup of coconut water

One banana

One apple

One pear

One lemon


1. Chop up the romaine lettuce, fruits and veggies into small chunks. Cut the lemon rind off the lemon but leave the seeds.

2. Chuck them all into the blender along with the spinach.

3. Add the coconut water and blend all together.

What’s great about this smoothie is that you can chuck in pretty much any fruit or vegetable.

Reese suggested using up any greens in the fridge that might go to waste: “If you have lettuce and were going to put it in a salad you never made you can put it in there.”

When the smoothie is all blended up, you “can add anything to it”, including protein powder, almond butter or flaxseeds.

As well as being jam-packed with nutrients, it also tastes “so good – I love it so much”, according to the actor.

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Reese revealed that Kerry Washington put her onto the tasty smoothie, citing it as the secret to her clear skin, hair health and nail strength.

She credited the inspiration behind the recipe to Kimberly Snyder, founder of holistic lifestyle brand Solluna.

Reese’s favourite morning smoothie was a real hit on Instagram, amassing a huge 6.7 million views.

Smoothie fan @cherrykandykane commented: “Thank you so much for sharing this!! I have been making this for over a year and I absolutely love it!! I do miss Somedays but I feel it when I do.

“The energy and mind clarity is the best. It is my go-to and I share it whenever I can!! Thank you.”

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