Gregg Wallace weight loss: MasterChef star drops four stone and launches new diet plan

MasterChef presenter Gregg Wallace, 55, may be best known for tucking into delicious food on the BBC show, but the star has been watching his diet closely in a bid to lose weight in recent years. Wallace has looked at food in a whole new light as well as taking up a new fitness regime with impressive results. The famous foodie has been documenting his weight loss journey on Instagram, giving tips to his followers as he dropped the pounds. 


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In a new before and after photo this week, Gregg revealed that he had lost a whopping four stone by cleaning up his diet and taking up exercise. 

The move has even made him decide to set up his own wellness website to help others do the same. 

He posted: “4 stone later. I want to help people be fitter n happier.”

The star has set up Gregg’s ShowMe.Fit , a new wellness platform and subscription plan that will be launching on June 25. 

The subscription will cost £7 a month, and will include recipes and exercises that Gregg has used on his diet. 

Gregg has been through quite a transformation, having previously been quoted as describing himself as “just the fat, bald bloke on MasterChef who likes pudding”.

His first step into fitness was as a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing in 2014, but he was voted out in the second week – and later began his diet overhaul in 2017. 

The star has been working out with routines created by personal trainer Danny Rai, who will be putting together the fitness plan for the new website. 

The exercises won’t require a gym and will help fans to burn fat and target specific body areas in a bid to shape up. 

However, Gregg has shared that it is as much about the food as the fitness if you want to lose weight like he has. 

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At his heaviest, Gregg weighed 16 stone, admitting to The Sun that he used to have daily fry-ups, a beer every day and multiple takeaways each week, including fish and chips. 

But he has since changed his ways and is pairing a healthier diet with his workouts in order to drop the pounds. 

Gregg has cut back on alcohol and fat, and is eating more fruit and vegetables as well as lean protein. 

The TV star also said that he thinks the lockdown has helped him to focus on getting fit and healthy, sharing an update in April about his latest figure on the scales. 

“Just under 12 stone. Being at home 24/7 means good choices easier,” he wrote as he posed in the kitchen. 


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But Gregg also said that one area was the trickiest in terms of making a difference to his weight and body shape. “Belly was the toughest thing to flatten,” he wrote in May, sharing a photo of him in his fitness gear. 

He also shared a photo lifting his top slightly, saying: “I’ve lost the fat but struggling to get that 6 pack. Maybe I’m too old.”

However, more recently he has revealed that he now has impressive abs – commenting: “Office is a bit of a mess – body isn’t.”

Gregg is hoping he can inspire others to do the same and get healthy with his new wellbeing website. 

The presenter has been sharing videos on the new Instagram account to explain what the plan will involve, as well as who it’s for. 

He said it’s for anyone, including those who can’t cook or haven’t worked out before – and said he expects beginners are the most likely to take part. 

His wife Anna will also be involved in the new diet plan, creating healthy home cooked recipes that take just 30 minutes to prepare and cook. 

Katharine Bright, a Registered Nutritionist, is also on board, alongside PT Danny and Dr Kevin Dutton, a psychologist. 

Gregg also shared his views on diet culture this week, saying that he doesn’t agree with diets or fasting. He said it’s all about moving yourself into a healthier place, which is what the new platform aims to do. 

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