Chicken, hazelnut & raspberry salad

  • Total time: 10 minutes
  • Serves:2


    175g pack Waitrose Flamegrilled Chicken Mini Fillets
    25g blanched hazelnuts
    3 tbsp Waitrose Aged Balsamic & Olive Oil Dressing
    3 sprigs thyme, leaves only
    100g raspberries
    50g mixed salad leaves 


    1. Preheat the oven to 200°C, gas mark 6. Put the chicken, hazelnuts and 1 tbsp of dressing onto a baking tray. Sprinkle with thyme and season. Roast for 5-8 minutes until piping hot.

    2. Slice the chicken and roughly chop the nuts. Mash 50g of the raspberries into the remaining dressing and season. Toss with the salad leaves and scatter the remaining berries over
    to serve. 

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