‘Game changer’: Youtube fitness guru’s best time of day to exercise – ‘serious results’

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Carly Rowena is a Youtube and Instagram fitness and body confidence guru with more than half a million followers and subscribers. The self care and wellness expert advocates eating well and working out in a way that feels good for you.

She spoke with Express.co.uk about attaining fitness goals and says working out in the morning is the best way to see “serious results”.

Carly, who previously detailed her diet plan which means followers can still enjoy wine, said: “I’m a huge advocate for working out in the morning.” 

The personal trainer went on: “I know we have morning and we have evening people. If you know you’re an evening person then this doesn’t apply you but some people just don’t know where they sit.

“I will honestly say the morning is the best time to work out, especially for mums who’ve had less sleep because they have their newborns.

“If you can work out first thing in the morning, set your alarm for that hour earlier and get it done.”

Setting an alarm an hour earlier and getting your workout done is not just a tick box exercise, or a way to make time in the day to workout.

According to Carly, it is a practise that will set you up for a day of success in a multiplicity of ways.

“You are so much more likely to reach goals than if you do it any other time in a day because you’ve woken up you’ve set your intention,” Carly said.

“Maybe it’s a walk outside or it can be a workout in the living room or garage, but you’ve done it, which then means you’re feeling positive.

“This means you’ve already taken something off your to do list and then the whole day kind of follows suit. You generally eat a better breakfast, then usually move around a little bit more. You feel better about yourself, you dress better, the whole day kind goes well.

“Whereas if you’re telling yourself you’re going to exercise in the evening, the day goes on, you get distracted and tired, and it doesn’t happen.”

Carly calls this a “power hour” and claims it has been the secret to the success of many of her clients.

She said: “I’m a firm believer of setting yourself a Power Hour.

“This is time when you’re going to get up and get a workout done before the rest of the family is even up.

“I really think with all my clients that have done that we’ve had serious results and it was a game changer for me.

“I wouldn’t be able to be in any kind of shape if I wasn’t doing it first thing in the morning.

“If you’re an evening person, and some people are evening people, that is absolutely fine.

“It’s the same scenario, set up your evening for the same thing to happen.

“However, I think a lot of people just tell themselves they’re going to do after work because it seems like an easier option than having to get up early.

“But honestly, get up early and get it done. You’re going to get much better results.”

Another expert, personal trainer Emily Fury, discussed how to lose belly fat by walking. 

She said: “By walking, say, 10 kilometres a day, it really adds up and you will see results.

“Besides from the physical benefits, I also can’t stress enough how helpful walking is for your mental health.

“In a world where we’re consuming social media on a daily basis, taking yourself out for a walk is so important for your head space.”

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