Expert shares three easy tips for avoiding weight gain over Christmas

Christmas is a time when our January – November diet and exercise plans go a little out the window. And there’s nothing wrong with that, revealed personal trainer and fitness expert Matt Hodges. However, the expert told three easy ways they can keep on top of their health – and weight – this Christmas.

Matt told “There is no getting away with eating, or over-eating at Christmas.”

What with the work Christmas do and a social calendar brimming with eating and drinking plans, very few people manage to stay on track during the season.

Matt explained: “Unless you’re beyond controlled with your diet, most people will stray over their daily calorie BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate – aka the amount of calories you need a day to stay the way you are).”

While consumption goes up over the festive period, movement typically goes down.

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This is due to shorter days, colder weather, more hangovers and plenty of days spent cosying up on the sofa.

The expert continued: “There really isn’t any way of getting around this other than to ‘eat less’, so if you’re looking at a magic ‘fix’ I’m sorry I’m the bearer of bad news.

“But, and there is a but, you can make the best of a bad (awesome) situation.”

Matt shared three things we can do in order to “feel better about high consumption over Christmas” – and not gain too much weight.

Eat more fibre

Matt stated: “Generally speaking, we get most of our fibre from the Christmas lunch.

“But if you can be mindful around all the other meals you consume and go for high fibre foods (veggies, fruit, beans and whole grains), you’ll find you feel better.”

Fibre keeps us fuller for longer, meaning we probably won’t reach for as many Christmas chocolates.

Eat more protein

Matt suggested stocking up your fridge with plenty of healthy proteins such as meats, fish and eggs.

He stated that just like fibre, protein “fills us up more”, and in turn curbs those unhealthy cravings between meals and late into the night.

What’s more, it “gives us the added bonus of getting great nutrition to all those underused muscles”.

Keep on top of hydration

Drinking plenty of water is a great way to avoid – or lessen – a hangover, with the expert recommending that for every drink you have, have the equivalent of water too.

Consuming plenty of water during a night out will prevent dehydration (alcohol is diuretic) and help flush out toxins from the body.

One a day to day basis, drinking water before meals can reduce your appetite.

It may also prevent needless snacking, as oftentimes we think we are hungry but are actually thirsty. Not only this, the healthy beverage contains absolutely no calories.

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