Diet plans set to be huge in 2021 including carnivore diet and belly fat-blasting fast

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A new diet plan could be the answer to some Britons’ prayers this December. A nutritionist explained all about the diets that will be popular this year.

The Conscious Carnivore Diet

Harley Street Nutritionist Kim Pearson explained this meat-focused diet may be the answer for those who struggled to stick to a vegan diet.

She said: “Veganism has soared in popularity in recent years as the result of concerns around animal welfare and the impact of meat production on the environment.

“However, unfortunately, many people simply do not do well on a vegan diet. It can take hard work and careful planning to ensure that all nutrient requirements are met. Fatigue and nutrient deficiencies are not uncommon. Enter the conscious carnivore approach.”

This diet involves eating small amounts of ethically sourced meat and fish alongside plant protein.

“Wild game meats have become increasingly popular – they not only mean that animals get to lead a farm-free life, in harmony with nature, but their meat is also incredibly nutrient dense,” Kim said.

“Be adventurous, move away from chicken and cod and explore wild game birds and less well known fish.”

Metabolic Optimisation

This is a clever use of tech that could help Britons hack their weight loss.

It goes so far as to tell users when and what to eat in a bid to shed pounds.

Katie explained: “Using tech to help us understand our bodies is a trend that’s not going away. When it comes to losing weight, forget tracking steps and instead, track your metabolism. Lumen is the latest tech set to revolutionise the way we approach weight loss.”

The new product is a handheld, portable device and app measuring your metabolism in real-time with just your breath.

“It assesses how efficiently your body is optimising fats and carbs giving insight into how your metabolism is affected by your sleep, physical activity and nutrition,” Katie said.

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s belly fat burning fake fast

Featured on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Netflix special, this diet aims to fake the effects and results of a water fast, while still eating.

Katie said: “Intermittent fasting has been called into question due to potential losses in muscle mass, recently reported in the medical journal JAMA.

“What’s more, experts argue that you need to fast for longer than a few hours to experience more profound benefits such as upregulated autophagy (cell renewal) and stem cell generation.”

This diet, ProLon, includes plant-based mini meals, still enabling dieters to effectively fast.

The result of two decades of clinical research trials by Professor Valter Longo and his team at USC, their ground-breaking studies demonstrate how fasting mimicking diets can reduce body fat, specifically abdominal ‘belly’ fat.

Amongst their many health benefits, they have been shown to reduce cholesterol, and improve markers of inflammation and blood sugar levels. Celebs fans include Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow.

The Intelligent Weight Loss Method

Kim’s own method, this is a five pillar approach combining tailored health, nutrition and lifestyle advice with mindset coaching and supportive accountability.

Over the last 15 years Kim and her team have helped hundreds of women and men successfully reach and maintain their happy weight.

Testing can be used to ensure that underlying health issues aren’t preventing successful weight loss. And mindset coaching means that you’re supported in overcoming self sabotaging behaviours.

Sophisticated ‘Soup and Shake’ Diets

Katie said: “Meal replacement diets have seen a rise in popularity in 2020 as a result of the government’s plans to use them in tackling obesity and type 2 diabetes.

“However, not all ‘soup and shake’ diets are created equal. The Proteifine Diet is a sophisticated, protein based meal replacement plan with over 200 different products in the range. One of Europe’s leading weight loss solutions, this is worth exploring if you’re looking for a practical and highly effective way to lose weight.

“Available solely through doctors and nutritionists, this ketogenic meal replacement programme delivers unparalleled results.

“Clients achieve rapid fat loss and improvement in health markers as well as experiencing increased energy levels and minimal hunger.”

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