Diet behind Instagram workout guru Lilly Sabri’s amazing abs

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Lilly, who has become well known for her workout programs, eats a full and healthy diet to fuel her body. Firstly, in the morning, Lilly makes a coffee shake with her own Lean Superfood Protein powder. Then she has her first meal.

Lilly, who also detailed her belly fat burning guide to, said: “A typical breakfast would be an avocado toast with a poached egg or scrambled egg on the side. 

“I’ll normally use a rye bread toast or sourdough bread.

I don’t typically use white bread, I don’t actually like it as much. I prefer wholemeal.

“I have that toasted normally with scrambled eggs on the side and then I put my Superfood Booster on top because I like some flavour and some garlic in there. So that’ll be my breakfast.”

Lilly, a former physiotherapist who spends her time creating workouts for her No.1 ranked Fitness App @leanwithlilly, snacks to keep up with her active lifestyle.

“I’ll then snack because I then tend to film first thing in the morning every day. When I’m filming for YouTube, I’m a walking filming machine,” she explained.

“Sometimes I’ll have a protein bar or banana with some peanut butter on it.”

For lunch, Lilly said: “It tends to be leftovers from the night before because I love doing bulk cooking to save time, so I don’t have time to cook three meals a day.

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“Normally it tends to be quite carb-heavy because I would have already done loads of workouts.

“It’ll either be rice-based or a pasta-based or a potato-based. A typical thing would be a tuna pasta bake with a side salad.

“Another favourite is chickpea burgers. I make them up and then just literally put them on the stove, a few minutes each side and it’s ready.”

After lunch, Lilly has another snack.

“I’d normally have another smoothie post-workout, or snack on like protein bars.”

Lilly enjoys a big dinner. She said: “For dinner I go all in. I love my big dinner.

“That will often be carb-based. Last night we had a Malaysian curry dish, which is Alex’s (Lilly’s partner) mom’s dish.

“It’s a pineapple Malaysian curry and it was so easy to make, it’s literally four ingredients. We had it with brown rice. It’s also good with coconut rice.”

Lilly’s typical daily diet


Morning coffee shake with her own Lean Superfood Protein powder

Avocado toast with a poached egg or scrambled egg on rye or sourdough

Morning snack:

A protein bar or a banana with peanut butter


Tuna pasta bake with a side salad or chickpea burgers

Afternoon snack:

A protein shake or bar


A curry with rice

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