Davina McCall: How she keeps her amazing abs and sheds belly fat at 53

The Masked Dancer: Davina McCall explains how show works

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Davina McCall is in an enviable shape and always showcases her toned abs during her home workouts on social media. But how does she keep so fit? Although she follows a very intense fitness routine, you can get her toned abs too.

The presenter works out on a daily basis, from running to high-intensity training.

She might look very focused on her fitness goals but, like everyone, she struggles to get the motivation every day. However, she has admitted that she exercises even when she doesn’t feel like it.

Davina also has her own fitness app, Own Your Goals, where she shares a lot of the workouts she follows. But is it possible to get her amazing abs?

Here are some of the hacks Express.co.uk has learned from her social media.


The presenter goes running every day; when walking her dog, between meeting or with friends.

She shared on social media her number one essential: a backpack.

She always carries a backpack with spare clothes so she can run between appointments.

You can do the same by taking a backpack with you with an extra pair of shoes.


Davina uses kettlebells in a lot of her workouts.

They are perfect to strengthen and tone the entire body, and especially the abs.

Kettlebells are also really easy to store and will make your home workouts more varied and fun

A lot of fitness routines can be done with kettlebells and they are ideal to build lean muscle.


To keep an amazing body is not all about high-intensity workouts.

The presenter has also shared many of her yoga routines on social media.

Yoga is ideal for stretching but also for toning your whole body. You can always choose yoga routines focused on the abs.

Yoga has so many benefits and it’s the perfect counterbalance if you’re doing other higher intensity workouts.


The presenter has admitted that her favourite exercise is a burpee.

The burpee is the ultimate full body training exercise

With every rep, you will work arms, chest, quads, glutes, hamstrings, and of course, abs.

She said: “A burpee is the gift that keeps on giving. It does everything. It gets your heart rate up, it builds strength and power in your legs, your core and your arms.”

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