Chrissy Teigen weight loss: Her 20-minute workout burns up to 2,500 calories in 1 session

Chrissy Teigen enjoys Squid Game-themed event

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Model Chrissy Teigen has arguably one of the most enviable figures in show business. With a thriving culinary business, she is the author of three cookbooks so it’s safe to say she knows her way around the kitchen and still keep her slim physique.

So how does she do it?

Alongside eating good, healthy food, the star has admitted in the past that she’s not a big fan of cardio, but revealed she does it from time to time to keep herself looking trim.

The socialite also engages in strength training.

But instead of using weights, she opts for resistance bands.

Using bodyweight exercises rather than weights themselves allows her to build lean muscle without bulking up, plus it’s less strenuous on joints.

She is also said to be a fan of a 20-minute workout that burns a tonne of calories per session.

It’s a regime called electro muscle stimulation training (EMS) and is favoured by celebrities such as Liz Hurley, Usain Bolt and Rita Ora.

According to Bodytech Fitness, specific exercises offered by the EMS system can rapidly burn up to a whopping 2,500 calories in one session alone, making this a great way of shifting fat and losing the pounds.

It is very similar to high-intensity workout (HIIT) but it can be done in a fraction of the time; perfect for people who are running low on time due to busy lifestyles.

Not only that, but fitness experts say that it’s ideal for people who want to lose weight and slim down quickly.

The process aims to strengthen and tone all the major muscle groups such as the glutes, quads, triceps and biceps.

People are connected to a machine which sends finely tuned electrical signals to the muscles, which help them contract.

Holly Isaacs, a trainer and area manager at Surge London, said: “It’s a full body workout that targets eight major muscle groups simultaneously.”

Holly revealed that on average, people spend around 30 minutes in total doing the session, which “optimises the maximum contraction of the muscle every time”, and works on specific goals tailored to the client.

“If you’ve got somebody that is injured and they don’t want to lift heavy loads in the gym because they are still recovering, we can still achieve a full maximum contraction in the muscle to be able to build it back up again and build them up to where they need to be,” she told The Sun.

“It can help somebody achieve more generic goals, so people that want to slim down and tone up, people that want to improve the muscle mass inside their body, all the way up to somebody who is coming up to a high level and training for an Olympic event.”

She revealed A-list celebrities use it to keep up with their busy lifestyles and elite athletes opt for this training method to optimise their performances.

But it’s something that’s open to anyone and everyone.

“People may just want to stay fit and want to get fitter or maybe they just want to improve their back pain,” Holly added.

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