Brigitte Macron avoids popular food to stay slim – her age-defying diet

Brigitte Macron stunned the world again as she accompanied her husband, French President Emmanuel Macron in greeting the King and Queen Consort for their state visit.

King Charles and Queen Camilla landed in France Wednesday after their trip was delayed for months due to widespread rioting. 

Brigitte Macron wore a chic navy blue skirt set with buttons in the shape of anchors. Despite turning 70 on April 13, Mrs Macron continues to leave people stunned by her youthful looks.

The First Lady is known for her unorthodox sense of style, defying traditional power suits and plain colours by wearing casual clothing such as skinny jeans and trainers that show off her long legs to classy and sophisticated looks, draped in Louis Vuitton. ‘Le Look’ Vogue described Mrs Macron’s style as “turning the tables on the Chic Bobo aesthetic”.

However, it isn’t her sense of style or her bronzed tan that gives Brigitte her age-defying looks. She reportedly works out every day, avoids junk food and consumes 10 kinds of fruits and vegetables a day. 

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In an interview for Women’s Lifestyle Magazine S in January, Brigitte exposed her secrets for her young looks.  She shared: “I do half an hour of sport a day – on my own, without a coach – I eat a balanced diet and I spend time writing and reading.”

It is reported that Mrs Macron has around 10 kinds of fruits and vegetables every day which is double the recommended amount, whilst maintaining a diet of lean meat, salads and fish.

In an interview with the Telegraph, French head chef at Elysée, Guillaume Gomez revealed what the Macrons eat in a day. 

Gomez said: “Their only stipulations? 10 fruits and vegetables a day for Mme Macron, and ‘no junk food’ for her husband (her request, not his).” He added: “We serve only French products at the President’s table if possible. Prioritising local food produced less than 100 km from Paris.”

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Dietitian Paula Mee commented: “Ideally, seven portions of fruit and vegetables a day – generally three fruits and four veg – is healthy.

“We know that populations who eat a lot of this ingest plenty of nutrients and phytochemicals, which protect from diseases like heart disease, diabetes and cancers.”

A plant-based meal built around vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, beans and whole grains is known as the Mediterranean diet, which is similar to what the First Lady follows.

Nutrition expert Dr Michael Mosley explained the Mediterranean diet has helped him keep weight off and kept his “blood pressure and sugar levels healthy”.

Paula Mee also suggested that Brigitte’s healthy diet is attributed to cultural factors: “The French are particularly good at portion control. They are renowned for eating slowly and modestly […] I doubt she is eating lots of refined carbs and processed food.”

But does the First Lady only eat veggies and fruit? According to Chef Gomez, the Macrons indulge in cheese and wine – classical French staples. 

Not only does Brigitte keep a healthy diet but it is revealed she exercises for half an hour once a day. Speaking to the Irish Independent, Brigitte’s Personal trainer Pat Henry shares that her healthy slender frame comes from doing Pilates. 

“She doesn’t use heavy weights as they could bulk up the bum or legs” but rather focuses on symmetrical exercise. Her vigorous exercise is admired when she rocks her skirt sets and skinny jeans.

Brigitte has not always been celebrated for her looks and was criticised for her age due to the 24-year age gap with her husband Emmanuel, 45. The couple was met with strong disapproval, marrying in 2007. 

In an interview with France’s RTL radio, she said: “Being in a couple is complicated and when there is a big age difference like ours, even more so. I was always attracted to men my age – Emmanuel was an exception.”

However, since then, she has received praise for her originality, inspiring healthy lifestyle and unique sense of style. Delphine de Canecaude, a Paris-based art director, described her as a “mega wonder woman”.

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