Best weight loss: The low-carb keto diet plan can help burn fat – how to get quick results

When trying to slim down, dieters need to eat well and exercise regularly. The keto diet plan is a low carb plan that is thought to help burn belly fat quickly. How does it work?


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Losing weight is not easy but there are many diet plans that can be followed.

Slimmers may want to target specific body parts and burn fat.

The keto diet plan promises to help them lose weight and burn fat from their entire body, according to food scientist and nutritionist with Ancient + Brave, Susie Debice.

She said: “Forget fat-free weight loss diets that leave you feeling hungry, tired and grumpy.

“Researchers are now showing that low-carb, high-fat diets are more effective for weight loss, blood sugar management, cholesterol levels, feeling full and many more benefits that are all attributed to body ketogenics.”

When following the plan, those hoping to slim can tuck into foods low in carbs and high in fat.

It is believed this helps the body enter into a state called ketosis which will burn fat.

Susie added: “Essentially a ketogenic diet is a very low carb (five percent total calories), high fat (75 percent total calories) and moderate protein (20 percent total calories) style of eating which encourages the body to generate cellular energy using a process known as ketosis where fats are burned for energy instead of sugar.

“When glucose levels fall short the body switches from using glucose for cellular metabolism into burning a particular type of fats called medium chain triglycerides.”

When in ketosis, the body is thought to burn fat more quickly.

What can you eat?

Those on the plan can tuck into low carb foods such as meat, fish, nuts, dairy, avocados and low-carb vegetables.


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While dieters can eat fruit, slimmers should choose those that are low in sugar.

High carb meals including pasta, rice, bread and sweet treats should be avoided.

When following the diet plan, the expert explained fat-burning effects can start within days.

She also suggested combining the plan with other diets can help speed up results.

“Generally speaking it can take one or two days of restricting dietary carbs to under 50g a day (and increasing dietary fats) before the body switches into ketosis,” Susie added.

“But this switch is readily accelerated by following an intermittent fasting plan.”

Intermittent fasting is a diet plan which involves restricting when you eat to certain times of the day.

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