Best weight loss: One woman used this diet plan to shed a whopping 4st – what did she do?

For those hoping to shape up, they can make changes in their diet and exercise routine in order to kick start their journey. Looking to others who have already lost weight can be a good way to get motivation and tips on which diet plans work. Recently, one woman lost a staggering amount of weight and told Reddit users she slimmed from 20st 10lb to a much healthier 16st 4lb in just six months. The Reddit user “zucchinilinguini” explained following the keto diet plan combined with fasting helped her transform her body.

Six months of keto, light exercise, and fasting when I can.

Reddit user

Posting online, the slimmer uploaded pictures of her before and after her weight loss transformation.

“zucchinilinguini” also revealed she is 27-years-old and 5ft 8in and used a combination of things to help her shape up so quickly.

When talking about how she lost weight, she said: “Six months of keto, light exercise, and fasting when I can.”

The slimmer also explained she is hoping to continue her diet and lose even more weight.

Those who follow the keto diet must eat low-carb and high-fat foods and usually limit themselves to 25 grams net carbs per day.

By doing this, slimmers are thought to enter into a state called ketosis, which promotes fat loss in the body.

They can munch on keto-friendly foods such as meat, fish, avocados, cheese, eggs, vegetables and low-carb fruits.

The slimmer, “zucchinilinguini” also explained she used fasting to speed up the results.

A popular form of fasting is intermittent fasting, which requires slimmers to restrict the times they eat. 

Many people choose to follow the 16:8 diet and slimmers doing this will eat all their food within an eight hour window each day, and fast for the remaining 16-hours.

If looking to drop a few pounds without following a strict diet plan, slimmers can make a few smaller changes to their lifestyle.

Drinking more water can speed up weight loss and slimmers only need to drink 500ml to notice the results. 

A study revealed those who drank half a litre of water burned more calories in the following hour than those who did not.

Cutting back on sugar can help slimmer reach huge results and lose as much as 10lb in six months. 

Coffee drinkers can shrink their waistline by cutting out cream and having the drink black.

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