Best exercise to lose weight and shift belly fat – how much do you have to do?

The best exercise for weight loss is one that burns lots of calories.

Simply, weight loss is an equation and more calories must been burned than must be eaten to lose weight.

Raising the heart rate is key to burning calories, so cardiovascular exercise is key.

This could be the likes of running, swimming or skiing.

Best exercise to lose weight: Shift belly fat by changing this about your workout

For those who want a slimmer, flat stomach area, cardio is also the way to go.

Many made the mistake of thinking abdominal exercises such as sits up will create a flat stomach, but this is not true.

Only lower body fat will contribute to less belly fat. Only burning more calories will achieve this.

There is one way to really increase the weight loss and fat burning efficiency of your work out, according to one expert.

Running or walking on an incline, or up a hill, will increase the intensity and effciency of your work out.

Jim White, American College of Sports Medicine spokesperson told Live Strong: “Running up a steep hill recruits more muscle fibres.

“It’s going to be taxing, and it’s going to definitely burn more calories.”

According to studies from Harvard Health 10 per cent more calories are burned per each degree of incline.

Kate Middleton’s exercise for a flat stomach is running, according to experts. 

An insider told the Daily Mail Kate runs as much as possible “sometimes with Charlotte in her buggy and their dog Lupo at her side.”

Many members of the public claim to have seen the Duchess running with her pram in the park at Kensington Palace.

What are the top five exercises for belly fat?

The NHS advises carious moves for rippling and strong abdominals, which are key for back health too.

They include stomach crunches, oblique crunches and the plank.

Apple cider vinegar is also said to be able to help with belly fat. 

Multiple studies have found apple cider vinegar to be effective when it comes to weight loss.

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