Best exercise: Doing this for 10 minutes a day can improve fitness according to trainer

For many people, fitting exercise into their busy schedules is not an easy task. Speaking exclusively to, Chessie King shared her top tips for staying fit and how to squeeze movement into every day. What can you do?


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With winter dragging on, it can be difficult to find the motivation to get outside and workout.

No matter how you prefer to workout, Chessie explained Britons can improve their health by adding in just 10 minutes of extra movement each day.

When speaking on how to start a fitness journey, she told “I think adding in five to 10 minutes a day of movement a day.

“This can be walking to work, going out on a lunch break, playing with their kids in the evening or just putting on a song in the morning and just dancing.”

The expert explained moving for just a short amount of time each day can have great benefits.

“Any way of moving that gets your heart rate up and you feeling a bit hotter is just incredible for you,” Chessie explained.

“It is so beneficial at even just 10 minutes a day of extra movement.

“For me, exercise is my own therapy. Booking in a class with my best friends or doing ridiculous classes are a novelty but so much fun.”

Those hoping to improve their health can do so by starting small and working up to doing more.

Chessie also explained mixing up workouts can help improve fitness and keep Britons motivated.

She told “I was educating myself on what my muscles and body was doing. I’ve used that knowledge to really appreciate the functions of my body.

“I’ve paced down a lot of my training in the last three years, I really had to adapt my workouts to fit that and my health needs.


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“Yoga, walks, fun little workouts with Hugo [Chessie’s dog], he’s my workout buddy, especially when it’s cold.

“He makes me go out on long walks with him and do fun workouts in the park.”

To move more each day, the personal trainer explained how pet owners can use their furry friends to get more active.

She added: “Having recently become a dog owner myself, I’m acutely aware of the challenges that come with looking after a pup.

“Whilst Hugo – the newest member of our family – is a bundle of fun, ensuring he stays happy and healthy takes a huge amount of time and energy.

“I find we bond best when we’re playing and having fun, which are the elements I bring to my workouts.”

As a “pawsonal trainer” for pet sitting and dog walking network, the fitness expert explained how working out with a pet can be a good way to get motivated but those trying to up their exercise should still mix up their workouts.

“It’s important to vary your exercise routine so you don’t both become bored,” Chessie explained.

“Pups make the best workout companions and exercising together not only keeps you both active but also strengthens your bond.”

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