Ab workout plan: Exclusive video exercise routine you can do at home to build six pack

Ab workouts come in all shapes and sizes, and varying degrees of difficulty. This short routine, demonstrated via video, will have your abs feeling the burn in minimal time. Seema Parmar is a trainer as Psycle London and Sweat it London, as well as an ambassador for Sweaty Betty. The fitness expert teamed up with Express.co.uk’s Lifestyle team to create exclusive fitness content to help readers get fit at home, filmed at the Rosewood Hotel in Holborn.


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Focusing on abs in this video, the expert demonstrates moves to build strength in the core and get you on your way to six pack abs.

What you will need:

  • A mat
  • Light weights such as dumbells of cans of drink

Abs workout to build core strength

Exercise 1 – side plank

Seema explains this exercise works the obliques, the muscles that are located on the side of the torso.

The simplest variation involves lying on one side, with your forearm on the mat with the hand, elbow and shoulders in line.

The bottom leg is bent at a 45 degree angle, while the top leg is straightened out.

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From here you will raise your hips high, and straighten the top arm out towards the ceiling.

Seema recommends holding the position for 30 seconds. If you want to intensify the move, raise the top leg and hold.

To get more from the move, you may “thread the needle”. This means taking the top arm and moving it down between your hip and the floor, and then bringing your hand up again.

Then repeat the same on the other side.

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Exercise 2 – plank reach through

First, adopt a plank in your hands on the floor. Position the dumbbell behind one hand.

Then, take the opposite hand and move the weight across the matt to the other side.

Then put the original hand down, and repeat the move with the other, pulling the weight back to its original position.

The aim here is to complete the move without any movement in the torso, not tilting the hips or shifting the weight from foot to foot.

Work up to 12 reach throughs in total per set, and three sets.


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Exercise three – renegade row

The move starts in a plank position, but with both hands on the dumbbells.

You will then row, pulling one arm up at a time with the elbow towards the ceiling.

If this becomes too difficult you can perform the move on the knees.

Exercise four – mountain climbers

A god one for the end f the workout, Seema advises doing this for between 30 and 45 seconds per set.

Begin, again, in the plank position, and this time begin driving your knees forward towards your chest one at a time.

It is important to focus on keeping the bum up and getting the full range of motion before working on increasing the speed.

Exercise five – crunch

Lie on your back, with your legs in the air, knees bent a right angle and toes towards the ceiling.

Placing your hands behind your head, engage your abs and pull your head and shoulders up.

Continue this movement, exhaling as you come up and inhaling as you go down.

Once you have this mastered, begin to extend the legs outwards as you come up and bring the knees in as you go down.

To finish, crunch up and hold the legs out and down, bringing the arms down by your side for maximum burn.

Find Seema at @strongerwithseema or www.strongerwithseema.com.

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