55-year-old drops two stone overhauling her fitness routine – pictures

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Sweet treat lover Sue Naughton, 55, completely transformed her body and health with a few simple changes dieters can make in order to slim down and get healthy.

Sue was told by the doctors that she was at risk of developing diabetes.

According to the NHS official website, type two diabetes is a condition which causes the level of sugar (glucose) in the blood to become too high.

It’s often linked to being overweight or inactive, so changing up her diet and exercise routine was key for Sue.

In order to protect herself against type two diabetes, which can cause serious problems with the eyes, heart and nerves, she decided to join a gym.

Signing up to a Manchester branch of Absolute Body Solutions, Sue embarked on a new fitness journey with owner Connor O’Brien.

This lifestyle change saw her blood glucose levels plummet from 97 to 41.

She told MEN: “It sounds dramatic, but it really has changed my life. When my doctor saw my new levels, she was gobsmacked.”

She credited some of her progress to working out with others at the gym.

Sue explained that the space had a great atmosphere, and that everyone at the gym was friendly rather than intimidating.

Working out with others can be a great motivator as going to the gym can become a social occasion to look forward to.

Training with a partner or team is also good for holding yourself accountable, as you won’t want to let your fellow slimmers down by missing a workout.

Sue trained with her daughter Gemma, who made a staggering weight loss transformation.

Previously wearing clothing size 26, she dropped a whopping 100lbs and is now a size 12.

She explained that even though they had different goals, training together was a great motivator.

Competing against each other meant they “pushed each other further” towards their individual victories.

In addition to fitness, Sue and her daughter Gemma worked on their nutrition, swapping sugary snacks for more nutritious meals.

Absolute Body Solutions owner Connor called Sue’s achievement “amazing”.

Absolute Body Solutions is comprised of three premium personal training gyms across Liverpool and Manchester.

The official website reads: “At ABS our clients come before everything else. We offer a bespoke approach, with no off-the-shelf plans or nutrition guides.

“We take each client’s goals, fitness levels and lifestyle into account when developing an approach that will work for them.”

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