50-year-old lost 1.5 stone in 6 months without changing his diet – ‘it’s that simple!’

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Fifty-year-old Doran Binder, who has over 12,000 subscribers on TikTok, has shredded 10kg, or 1st 8lb, since February earlier this year. He now flaunts his ripped abs and lean physique, leaving fans wondering just how he managed such an accomplishment.

Doran is a qualified water sommelier who runs his own spring water brand, Crag Spring Water, and claims water is behind his incredible transformation.

Drinking water to stay hydrated is common knowledge, but it is also be really helpful for weight loss.

It is 100 percent calorie-free and can suppress appetite if consumed either before meals or throughout the day.

The recommended guideline is two litres per day, but Doran opted for four litres a day and it’s a change he said means he now hardly ever gets hungry.

His weight loss has also taken him completely by “surprise” but left him feeling “better than ever”.

Of his transformation, he said: “I started the experiment to see if I could drink more water in around February this year.

“I wasn’t setting out to lose weight at all, I was merely interested in the effects of hydration on the body, so I decided to start drinking around four litres of water a day to see what happened.”

At the beginning of the years, Doran weighed in at around 15.5 stone and noticed big changes after a few weeks.

“I weighed myself and I’d lost around a stone, which just stunned me,” he said.

“I thought, ‘how is that possible without changing anything else other than drinking water?'”

He added: “Last week when I weighed myself, I was just under 14 stone – around 13st 8lb.

“At 6ft with a large frame, that’s lighter than I’ve ever been.”

Doran has decided to continue with his new water diet, which consists of four litres a day and he often only eats one meal.

He puts this down to the fact that keeping his water levels topped up to the maximum means he doesn’t get hungry as often.

“I’ve found that as the amount of water I drink has increased, my hunger levels and the amount of food I consume have done the opposite,” he explained.

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“I’ve always been vegetarian and gluten free and zero alcohol so I wouldn’t say that I needed to drastically change my diet to be healthier.

“Now, my diet is still as it always has been – vegetarian, gluten free and organic with zero alcohol. I eat mainly salads, fruit, cheese and eggs.”

It should be noted that guidelines recommend consuming three meals a day to promote a healthy balanced diet.

But for Doran, his new-found routine has changed his life: “It’s much more than that though, my body shape has totally changed,” he said.

“I’ve never been this ripped! I’m toned, I feel strong, I’ve lost my love handles and I have more energy than I’ve ever had. I honestly feel fantastic!”

He revealed that his experiment has shown that people should “listen to their bodies” when it comes to food and drink, after admitted he used to “carb overload” because he felt hungry.

“When I’m properly hydrated, I hardly feel hungry at all. So much, in fact, that I sometimes forget to eat. I’ve found I can survive on one meal a day without feeling hungry at all, despite training at the gym four to five times a week,” Doran explained.

“It’s not intentional at all, when I am hungry, I eat. Simple as that.”

Now, he won’t look back: “Turning 50 has been a real watershed moment for me. I recently started looking back at photos of me in my early 40s and comparing not just how I look but how I know I felt at that time.

“I was lost and felt trapped in a life that made me miserable. Now I feel and look like a completely different person. All thanks to the power of water.”

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