Your Favorite Bubble Tea Shop Might Be Experiencing A Boba Shortage Right Now

If you haven’t been to your local boba shop lately, you may not have heard about the boba shortage that’s taking place nationwide. If you have and the shop hasn’t mentioned it yet, get prepared because it may be hitting the establishment soon.
Taking to their Instagram account Friday, April 9, the Boba Guys posted a video letting followers know that their favorite boba shops are running low on boba. And for some, they’ve even run out.
“It started with the global pandemic, which has caused major congestion and shortages in the supply chain,” Andrew and Bin told their followers in the three-and-a-half-minute video. They were joined by David Fan from Fanale Drinks, who serves as their bubble tea distributor. The Boba Guys make it clear to fans that this is not just a shortage for their shop, but that it’s one that’s impacting the entire industry.
“Some boba shops are already out. Others will run out in the next few weeks,” the caption to the post read. “Ninety-nine percent of boba comes from overseas.” Recognizing that fans will question the validity of the shortage because boba is made in-house, the caption went on to reveal that tapioca starch—which comes from Thailand—is where the shortage actually comes from. Watch the video below:
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But how long is “a while?” When can we expect this shortage to wrap up? According to the Boba Guys, it could go actually on for another four-to-five months, or until ports open back up to send and receive shipments on a regularly consistent basis.
Don’t think that the shortage is just in the boba industry though. The video goes on to identify that importing from overseas is affecting more than just those in bubble tea shops.
“The quick summary is that America is having trouble importing anything from overseas, especially from Asia,” Fan said: “The port and container issues are impacting us, along with apparel, electronics, and anything that isn’t made domestically.”
So before you fly off the handle at your local tea shop for not having your favorite drink (which you obviously shouldn’t do even if there wasn’t a shortage!!), please remember that many businesses are still heavily impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and have not bounced back fully quite yet. Here’s hoping that things recover soon!
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