You Can Get a 3-Pound Pepperoni Pizza at Sam's Club

Yesterday we found out that Costco sells three-pound lobster claws—a fact that simultaneously delighted and disturbed our readers.

Today we bring you more news about stupidly huge food: Sam’s Club is currently selling three-pound stuffed crust frozen pepperoni pizzas.

The pizza—aptly named Pepperoni Explosion—measures 14 inches in diameter and features four types of pepperoni.

There’s only one review on the website, and it’s certainly a good one.

“Picked this up at the club as it caught my wife’s eye,” writes a Sam’s Club customer whose online alias is pizzaface. “If you are a fan of pepperoni then this is the pizza is for you! It has not one, not two, not even three, but four types of glorious pepperoni! If you don’t get put into a pepperoni flavor coma after tasting this bad boy then I request you turn in your pepperoni fan card post haste! Just when you thought this glorious pie couldn’t get any better what do they go and do?!?! They cram that crust full of ooey gooey mozzarella cheese! It’s like having a delicious cheese stick at the end of every slice! Go pick up this pizza ASAP and experience this explosion of flavor for yourself!! You are welcome in advanced!!”

The whole pizza is only $10. Delish reports that the massive pie is a limited-time offer, so grab one while you can.    

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