You Can Earn $5,000 Just By Baking And Eating Christmas Cookies This Holiday Season

December is in full swing which means it’s almost time to start making Christmas cookies like it’s your job…but like, what if it actually was your job? What if you could take your very excellent baking skills and be paid for them? Well, Reynolds Kitchens wants to make your holiday dreams come true to the tune of $5,000!
The company (which is, of course, behind Reynolds Parchment Paper), is looking to hire a Reynolds Kitchens Cookie Connoisseur to create five new and fabulous cookie recipes this holiday season. In the end, one of the recipes will be featured on the company’s 21 day Cookie Countdown to 2021 and the baker will receive a $5,000 baking stipend. Of course you’ll need to test your creations by eating them, so you’re basically getting paid to do what you’d be doing this holiday anyways…baking and eating cookies!
To enter, you’ll need to submit an original cookie recipe that uses an “unexpected or wacky ingredient” to [email protected] You’ll also need to include your age, city, state, and zip code, a photo of the cookie, the recipe with bulleted list of ingredients, and a an explanation of why you think you deserve the job in 250 words or less. Oh, and it has to be submitted by December 8, so you should really get baking stat!
If you’re looking for a little more guidance, Reynolds said that the recipes will be evaluated based on their creativity, originality, and uniqueness, so I think this is your permission to really go crazy with it! I’m thinking anchovy cookies? Pickles and chocolate chips? Okay, wait that last one might actually be good…don’t go stealing it! You can learn more about the contest here. Happy baking!

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