You Can Buy Cut-Resistant Gloves For All Your Chopping Needs

Even the easiest recipes typically require some sort of chopping and anyone who’s familiar with cooking has nicked themselves or has even seriously cut themselves when trying to prepare their ingredients. Like most dilemmas, a solution for this lives on the internet, and the NoCry cut-resistant gloves will be the easiest “add to cart” you’ve had in a while.

NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves – Ambidextrous, Food Grade, High Performance Level 5 Protection. Size Small, Complimentary Ebook Included
Made with a mix of polyethylene, spandex, and fiberglass materials, the NoCry gloves are meant to make chopping and working near blades in the kitchen lower-risk. The materials make the gloves not only cut resistant but durable enough that the Amazon description says they’re four times stronger than leather. They’re also made to easily grip whatever ingredients you’re working with.
Besides simple chopping, these gloves would come in handy when grating cheese or handling anything else that requires you to get close to a blade like a food processor or mandoline. I’d also definitely use these to slice any ingredients with lingering smells like onions, garlic, and citruses that would otherwise last on your hands all day.
The gloves are totally machine-washable making them easily reusable and they’re available in green or gray for less than $12 on Amazon right now. That means if you order now using Prime, you can be cutting, grating, and slicing ingredients safely in the kitchen within the next two days. If you still need further convincing, the gloves have over 23,000 reviews from happy customers and an average rating of 4.5 stars out of five, so they’re definitely the real deal.

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