World Central Kitchen Will Be Providing Meals Near Polling Places This Election Day

World Central Kitchen announced its new Election Day initiative this week to make sure voters get a meal. The non-profit, headed by chef José Andrés, is calling it Chefs For The Polls.
WCK acknowledged that many people go to the polls when they can within a busy work day, which is often during lunch breaks, after work, or before work, all of which are prime meal times. Oftentimes, they are met with long lines that can prevent them from eating during that time or even going to vote at all. That’s why the WCK is doing its part by setting up stations by polling locations around the country, and “targeting those with historically long lines, predicted massive turnouts, or limited facilities.”
“As people across the country get ready to make their voices heard, often facing great, nearly insurmountable challenges to do so, we can support and uplift them and show them how much they matter,” World Central Kitchen said on its website: “We can use the power of food to make Election Day one of community and of hope.”
The initiative will see WCK partnering with local food trucks and restaurants to provide the meals, which will not only benefit voters, but will also help to support restaurants during a time of turmoil amid COVID-19. People who come to these facilities will get a meal no questions asked and the effort is a non-partisan one.
Chefs For The Polls will be setting up operations on Election Day (November 3) as well as some early voting days in more than two dozen cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, Charlotte, Pittsburgh, and more. You can sign up to receive updates about the program here, including how to volunteer, and you can donate to World Central Kitchen here.

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