Walmart’s Halloween and Fall Baking Kits Are Hitting Shelves Early


No matter how you slice it, Halloween 2020 is probably going to look differently—and potentially be more legitimately scary for reasons that have nothing to do with costumes or decorations. As part of the changes that could lie ahead, parents and kids might be staying home, skipping neighborhood trick or treating for a more indoor affair. In turn, that could mean trusting more homemade baked goods over fun-sized candies doled out from strangers.

If you’re a (perhaps rightly) paranoid parent who’d rather keep all of the Halloween treats in-house this year, then you might want to know that Walmart is going to have a full lineup of Great Value-branded fall and Halloween baking kits hitting shelves in September.

Covering a range of baked goods that incorporate both spooky iconography and seasonal flavors, the lineup of 11 baking kits and mixes should have pretty much all of your bases covered. They include colorful and creepy spooky vortex, skull, and monster eyes sugar cookie kits, a ghost meringue kit, graveyard brownies, and a purple whoopie pie kit. Each includes everything you need to quickly and easily up your homemade Halloween baking game without turning your kitchen into a haunted house.

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For those who don’t like the idea of baking anything that could potentially scare them, there are plenty of more benign baking mixes that offer all the tastes of fall with none of its terrors. They include pumpkin spice pancake & waffle mix, pumpkin spice cookie mix, and pumpkin spice bread & muffin mix, because god forbid fall-themed anything not offer a comprehensive amount of pumpkin spice. As if that wasn’t enough there are also apple cinnamon and cranberry-orange bread & muffin mixes.

Between the questions around Halloween that have already forced candy retailers to switch things up and the fact that everyone’s baking their butts off anyway, you might as well grab some of these and get on board. If you can bake something capable of actually scaring children, even better.


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