Trader Joe’s Newest Groceries Are Their Most Inventive Yet

Is there anything more thrilling than when TJ’s drops a new Fearless Flyer? (What’s that, you say? I need to get a life? Sorry, not gonna happen!) Just when I think Trader Joe’s has done it all, they prove me wrong with a lineup of delightfully delicious new items that I can’t get my hands on fast enough.

I ran to the store to try five of Trader Joe’s newest products. The biggest lesson I learned? The innovative grocer will never run out of brilliant ideas. Here’s what I tried and what I thought of each item.

1. Outside-In Stuffed Gnocchi, $3 for 16 ounces

Trader Joe’s likes to think outside the box, so it’s only natural that they decided to think outside the gnocchi too. These pillowy potato pasta bites are stuffed with mozzarella and tomato sauce, so all you need to do is cook up a bowl and you have everything you need WITHIN THEM. The first thing I noticed when I tore into this bag was how large each gnocchi is (out of necessity to contain the filling, duh!).

These taste like little potato pizza rolls, and I dig them. You will too. Note: I ignored the instructions on the package, which said to brown and then steam them with water. (Won’t they get soggy?) I simply browned them in olive oil until each side was nice and golden and they were tops.

2. Organic Buffalo Style Hummus, $3 for eight ounces

This is the only dip I need in my life from now on. This is not regular hummus — it’s a cool hummus. It’s got a tangy bite from the vinegar, plus little bits of blue cheese and a hint of spice. I’m definitely breaking it out on game day.

This zesty hummus paired with TJ’s pita-style crackers is … chef’s kiss. I especially love that it’s a good way to get Buffalo flavor without having to suffer through eating a messy Buffalo wing.

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3. Organic Dark Chocolate PB&J Minis, $3 for 3.5 ounces

Lately I’ve been obsessed with TJ’s dark chocolate peanut butter (and almond butter) cups, so these PB&J bites intrigued me. The thick dark chocolate cubes are stuffed with raspberry filling and the same yummy peanut butter that’s in those delicious cups. They’re just the right size for a little treat too.

My one complaint? Each bag only contains eight little bites. I require 16 at the very least.

4. Beef Sirloin Taco Kit, $10

We already knew that TJ’s had super-legit salad kits, but this taco kit is a real dinnertime game-changer. Each comes with 12 tortillas, a package of marinated sirloin, guac, salsa, shredded cheese, and a jalapeño. The meat cooks up in seven minutes — enough time to also heat the tortillas, and dice the jalapeño for garnishing. All in all, dinner comes together in less than 10.

Each kit makes six tacos for just $10. And these tasted better than the ones from my local taco joint!

5. Sweet Basil Foaming Hand Soap, $3 for eight ounces

I’ve had a pumpkin spice–scented foaming hand soap (not from TJ’s) in my kitchen since October, so this Sweet Basil scent is a very welcome change — just in time to ring in spring. The fresh, herby scent is the perfect fragrance to add into a busy kitchen.

Have you given any of these new items a try? What did you think?

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