This Tree-Shaped Butter Might Become Your New Favorite Christmas Tradition

Butter is one of those ingredients that falls into the same category as bacon—it just makes every dish it’s a part of better. And now, butter comes shaped like a Christmas tree, so it is officially the only thing you need to make your holidays meals the best they can possibly be.
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What’s even better about this glorious little guy is that it falls in line with some people’s favorite holiday tradition. For example, one of my family’s beloved traditions is always having a tiny butter sculpture on the Christmas table. I kid you not! The brand Keller’s makes turkey-shaped butter for Thanksgiving and Christmas trees-shaped butter for Christmas and it has quickly become a must-have item on our holiday grocery shopping list.
Instagram account @foodiewiththebeasts recently found the amazing Christmas tree butter at their local ACME. Thankfully, you can find these just about anywhere in your grocery store’s dairy section. Oftentimes, it’s displayed around some of the other holiday-themed products like cookie dough or flavored creamers.
Although it looks too fancy to eat, it’s mainly just for the photo opp and can be easily sliced through when you want to use it for your bread or other side dishes. You’d be surprised just how much joy a little butter sculpture can bring to your life, and it just might become one of your new favorite traditions too. In fact, go ahead and get yourself a little forest of buttery trees this year. It will be glorious.

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