This Study Revealed The Most Popular Hot Sauce In Every State And The Results Might Surprise You

According to the state-by-state graph, Texas preferred the super spicy El Yucateco hot sauce above anything else, while California opts for Frank’s RedHot. Southern states Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi all top their meals with Crystal hot sauce and Arkansas, New Mexico, and Indiana reach for The Rapture when it’s time to heat things up. And what about Oregon, you ask? Well, they—like Texas and California—are alone in their own world with El Chilerito Chamoy being top tier there.
Hot sauce wasn’t the only condiment that focused on in this study. Results for the most popular condiments around the world, most popular branded condiment around the world (spoiler: it’s Nutella!), most popular condiment in each state, most popular hot sauce around the world, and the most costly condiments in the UK and US were all revealed too. Be cautious when reading these though. The results may cause you to look at your state a little different.

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