This Spice Rack Revolutionized My Kitchen Storage Options

The Spicy Shelf

Working from home full-time now has had its benefits and drawbacks. Cooking every night has revealed the most glaring problems in our kitchen and pantry setup. I've been doing my due diligence to find solutions, but there are only so many ways you can stack spice bottles in a small kitchen cabinet. That was true until I tried out a new cabinet organization tool.

The Spicy Shelf is an expandable, extendable storage system that I bought on a whim, not knowing what to expect, and it has paid off in spades. The shelf wraps around inside the cabinet from left to right, creating more space without the risk of spices toppling out onto the counter. I was able to fit almost all of our cooking and baking spices and seasonings in a quarter of the space.

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It comes with plenty of pieces to make it customizable in width and the height of the individual shelves; it can fit in slim cabinets and short spaces, too, like under the bathroom sink. We plan to get another to handle our under-sink clutter as well. The shelf itself has a non-slip surface, so your products won't go flying if you bump them. I can now fit all our cooking oils and baking goods in the same spot with plenty of elbow room.

The Spicy Shelf pic

To buy: The Spicy Shelf, $28 (originally $38);

The Spicy Shelf gets thousands of positive ratings, and like any organizational tool, it's up to you what you make of it. As one of many happy reviewers noted, "I love a particular brand of spice and will buy containers and refill bags to refill the bottle. My cabinet was overflowing. Everything in the attached photo along with about 20 refill bags were piled in this area. With The Spicy Shelf I was able to fit all my spices on the racks along with things in the middle and on the bottom. I relocated the bags that are not used but to fill the containers when empty to the shelf above so the majority of my bottles are visible! It was easy to put together and adjust the size. I love the finished organization!"

There are screws included if you want to screw the piece into the cabinet walls, but I used the support legs and they work perfectly well for my purposes. Order two and stack them side by side for extra shelf space across two cabinets, set one up in your medicine cabinet for easy access, or even use one for nail polish display (if you have that kind of bathroom space). Everyone deserves a little more clarity and organization in their home, and this is certainly it for me. Get it now while it's 25% off.

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